Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


16. Tour time!

By the next day, there was nothing planned. Just a day for Justin and I to lay back, relax and watch a whole wall filled with Disney VHS movies. I needed to rest and Justin wants to keep my company. I took a shower and put on sweatpants and a sweat shirt with fuzzy socks and my hair down in the natural thick waves it has. "Morning mom. Morning dad. Jessie's at school?" "Yes. How are you feeling?" My mom asked passing me a plate of pancakes and bacon with orange juice. "Better now!" I looked at the scrumptious fluffy pancakes and the well done cooked bacon. Mom sure knows how to make me smile in the morning. "Sweetheart you're supposed to be eating healthy not junk food." Before I stuffed my face my dad completely ruined my excitement. "Daddy, I've been eating healthy since I left the hospital. I need to have one cheat day! I need some yummy mommy food in my tummy." He giggled and kissed me before exiting the house with my mom after him. "We love you baby girl. Be safe and tell Justin to stay for dinner and don't forget your meds." "Will do daddy. I love you guys too." An hour after they left, Justin came over. He seemed happy. Happier than usual. He must want something -_- "Hey baby. I have great news to tell you!" "What is it?" I asked kissing him. "IM GOING ON MY BELIEVE TOUR AND YOU'RE COMING WITH ME." He instantly picked me up off my feet and twirled me around. "Really??? I have to ask my parents." "They already said yes. We leave in a week. "Oh my gosh how exciting! So when are your rehearsals?" "They're today but if you don't want to go, I can reschedule." He set me down and I adjusted my clothes and hair and my stance from being so dizzy. "We can go today. I don't mind let me get dressed." He smiled and kissed my cheek. I made my way wobbling half way up the stairs and half way carried because I nearly fell. How humiliating. I put on a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, blue jeans and my white ugs. "Bleh. Ugs are so ug-ly." "Well it's the best thing and most comfortable shoes I have." He shrugged his shoulders and we drove off to the studio. He did his rehearsal and I ended up meeting usher for the first time. It was a very proactive day. By the time he was done we went back home and found a package sitting on my doorstep. "Hm. Wonder what it is." I said curiously with Justin standing behind me. It read "To: Arabella Montesino with my address. From: Dr. Davine." "Oh my gosh these must be my new pills!!" I opened the door and cut the box open. It was my new pills. "What does it say?" "I start taking it tomorrow after a meal. Take once daily for 4 weeks. I wonder why it says 4 weeks. Whatever. I start tomorrow." Justin of course stayed over for dinner and we went to his rehearsals everyday for the whole week. I started taking my new pills and it has actually helped a lot. Im more energized now. It's fun going around I'm not going to lie but it is exhausting sometimes. After a week, Justin and I were officially on tour. Boarding the plane was a bit frightening. I've never been on a plane before and after seeing snakes on a plane, I never intended to either. Of course things change with Justin. "First place we go to... New York. Then Atlanta and after Miami baby!" He said enthusiastically. I smiled and after we left the airport, the first thing I did was fall asleep in Justin's arms at 2 in the afternoon.
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