Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


15. Successful day one.

I wiped my eyes with the bottom of my shirt and making sure the sniffles are gone. As I made my way towards the doctor, my heart is pounding so hard on my chest. He said it was good news but the only news I want to hear right now is that they can save her! "Yes doc?" I hesitantly asked. "I have good news and bad news." I knew it. My heart sank to my feet and I feel like the titanic just sinking to the bottom of the ocean. "What's the good news?" "I pulled a few strings and got some one to make new medication for Arabella." Joy bursted in my stomach. It was like a melody to my ears. My Bella is going to be saved! I held back from jumping on the doctor and hugging him to death. But hold on. "What's the bad news?" "We don't know when it going to come. But in the meantime, she must stick to her normal schedule and continue taking the meds we prescribed months ago." "Ok sounds good. Is there anything I shouldn't do to trigger her passing out?" "Try not to make her feel hesitant. Make her feel comfortable in her environment. She cannot be put under stress and she must start eating healthy from now on. It must be a strict diet if she wants to lose the weight she gained so she must only eat 3 times a day." "Sounds like a deal. Thank you so much doctor. I really appreciate this!" I went downstairs to the lobby and told everyone the great news. They were all happy of course. Our Bella is going to live. She's going to be a normal person. A few days passed and Bella was officially out of the hospital. I stayed out of school with her just so that she at least starts the process at home. "So when are my meds coming?" She asked a little weakly but still strong. We were laying in her bed watching music videos. "Soon. The doctor told me he'd let me know." She nodded her head and went to sleep. Day by day, she gets stronger. Her color starts to come back slowly and she. Sleeps less during the day and sometimes she's active and others she's knocked out cold. It's clear that she's healing slowly. After two weeks we were back in school. As far as the school's concerned, Arabella and I went on vacation. She took her pills daily and smiled everyday. I know there's pain underneath her beauty especially her smile. I guess she wants no one to worry. I'm worried though. I can't live a single second without this girl. My true pride an joy is sitting right here, next to me, being as strong as she can to not fall asleep or black out. Fighting what she has going on inside her. Thanksgiving was spent with me at my house. Her family came over and we ate, played taboo and had fun. Christmas was soon to come and I have no idea what to get bells. The day after thanksgiving Bella and I had planned to go to a carnival with the group. I dropped her off at home. She fell asleep in the car so I carried her to her room. "Goodnight Bella. I love you." I kissed her on her forehead and left. As I got in my car my phone was vibrating. "Hey Scoot. What's up?" "Hey Justin I have great news! You're going on your in January for believe! First place we're going to is Miami so be prepared." "Awesome. Can I bring Arabella?" "If she wants to come sure. I have no problem and the bus is big enough." "Great. See you soon for rehearsals." He hung up the phone and I waited for tomorrow to come. ******ARABELLAS POV****** I woke up in my bed. Hm. Justin must've carried me up. I got out of bed and put on a pair of jeans and white boots with a white jacket and a Carrie underwood t-shirt long sleeve shirt. "Bella?" I heard his voice coming from downstairs. "Hey babe I'm almost done." I kissed him and went to the bathroom to fix my hair and then went downstairs, ate breakfast and. Off we went to the park. "So who's officially going?" I asked as I turned on the radio. "Veronica, Allen, Carson, Ryan, Chaz, Chaz's girlfriend, Lola, Christian and his 'date'" he said quoting date with air quotes. "Who's Christian?" "An old friend of mine. I guess I haven't introduced you guys yet." I shook my head no and just drove along dancing to whatever song played. I love it when I can act so silly around Justin and he won't care. He'll just go along with it. We made it to the park and the first thing I did was pop a pill in my mouth. We met up with everyone and got a bit to eat from anywhere we can find a place that we like. "I'm gonna get an elephant ear." I told Justin. He, of course, tagged along. We went to the line and Justin was saying hi to someone. "Ay Christian! What's up man?" They smacked hands and did a 'man hug'. "Nothing much. So this is my girl Marisol." "Hey marisol, Justin said shaking her hand. This is.." "I'm Arabella but you can call me Bella." I said with a smile cutting Justin off shaking her hand. "Hi Bella. I like your shirt." "Thanks." I said looking at my shirt and then looked at hers realizing we have the same shirt on." "I love your shirt too!" We laughed and got our ears and wen to sit. I introduced marisol and Christian to the group. Off we were to riding everything they have to offer. The guys won us stuffed animals and we just had a blast at the carnival. "We really have to do this sometime again!" Marisol said excitedly. "We surely do!! Here's my number. Text me when you're free and we can have a girls night with Lola and Veronica and Stacy, Chaz's girlfriend." I gave her my number and we all left to go home. "Man I'm pooped. Thank you baby. I love my whale. I think I'm gonna call him Mike." I snuggled my face into the whale and held Justin's hand as he drove me home. "Mike it is. I'm glad you had fun tonight." "Justin?" "Yes?"..... "I love you." It was shocking that I even said that. I've never said that to anyone. I was afraid of what he might say. Maybe he doesn't feel the same way. Oh god I'm so stupid! "I love you too Bella. Ill do anything for you. Remember that." I smiled and held his hand tighter feeling myself fall asleep. Day one of being 'normal'....successful.
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