Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


6. My first boyfriend.

I felt myself blush. It wasn't the type of blush that comes out on my cheeks it was my whole face. I being under the spotlight. It makes me so nervous to the point where I hyperventilate. "It's not up to me, it's up to her." He said. Woah. Since when did he even allow me to date? "Bella?" Justin looked at me with a nervous look. I can see it in his eyes. "Yes. Ill be your girlfriend." A smile appeared on his face and he rushed to me and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm going to help your mom with the food." He said and walked out. "Daddy. Are you sure about this? I never knew you were comfortable with me having a boyfriend." "Sweetheart, it's time you experienced adult hood. Your birthday is in a few months. You're going to be 18 and soon enough out of my house. You're not going to be my little girl for much longer." He pulled back a strand of hair that was in my face and softly caressed my cheek. "Of course I will dad. You'll be my number 1 hero forever and always." "Forever and always munchkin." "I love you daddy." "I love you too baby girl. And make sure Justin knows I own very hefty machinery." "I'll make sure to tell him." I said smiling and kissing him on the cheek. I love my dad and he knows ill never do him wrong. A few days later I was out of the hospital with 5 pounds extra. "Mr.Montesino, is it ok if I take your daughter out?" "Please call me Jack and yes. You have my permission. Take car of her, don't forget to take your medicine and call me if you need anything." I got in Justin's car and buckled up. "So where are we going?" I asked reluctant. "Surprise." Great. We parking in front of the beach. "Here we are." He turned off the engine and locked the door coming to my side and opening my door. "Such a gentleman. Thank you." "You're welcome my lady." He took my hand and help a basket in his other hand. Eep! A picnic. "I've always wanted to have a picnic on the beach." "Well there's a first for everything." We set up the blanket and I began to dig into the superman sandwich. It's amazing! "So what's with all the sudden feelings Justin?" "It's not sudden. I've been having them for a while. But what changed my mind about telling you is that I saw how Chaz finally found love and it's what I wanted. I want what he has. A girl with a heart and cares. One who isn't self centered or ungrateful. I wanted you and now that I have you, I'm never going to let you go and don't ask if I'm doing or saying this because I feel bad that you're sick or anything because its not. I've always wanted you to be my girlfriend. Your sickness is still processing through my head right now. I will do anything and everything I can to keep you healthy and alive." I was in shock. I had no words. I couldn't make out a sound or anything so I just kissed him instead. I can't believe this even happened. This is all too surreal.
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