Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


18. Insomnia

"Of all the taxis that are passing us, why do we have to walk?" I asked freezing and digging my hands into my jacket. "We aren't in Georgia anymore, you need your exercise for the day so we have to walk. It's only a few blocks away." "A FEW!? Oh jeez Justin, you're killing me here." I pulled down my hat to cover my ears and put on mittens that I have in my bag. "Look there it is." He said after half an hour of walking 8 blocks to the rink. We were at the Rockefeller center. I'm surprised no one has attacked us yet. A group of people were huddled together I guess to be warm and Justin grabbed my arm making our way to the group. "Justin we don't know them. What are you doing? We can be robbed or you can be jumped. I don't have the strength to defend both of us. Justin no please! What are you doing? We're gonna die!!! I need to pray. Lord, my savior, please protect me because this lunatic is gonna kill us both. Please. Amen!" I said rapidly, and whiny afraid of what Justin was doing. "Bella, chill out. You're not gonna die." They turned around and ran for us. "I TOLD YOU JUSTIN!! AHHHHH." I yelled and got everyone's attention. I was tumbled to the ground on the cold snow. "Please don't kill me. Here's my bag!" I shoved my bag in their face and they started laughing. "Bella, it's us. Did you forget about your best friends?" I opened my eyes and moved my hands from out of my face. It's marisol, Lola, Christian, Ryan, Chaz and his girlfriend. They helped me up and brushed off the snow. "You guys could've given me a heart attack! I could've been dead!" I said fixing myself. They just started laughing. I walked away and walked to Justin. I punched him in the arm and he winced. "Babe, what was that for?" "Making me freak out!" "I'm sorry." He cuddled me in his jacket and gave me butterfly kisses. "Ok I forgive you! Now lets go." "What about our hug?" Marisol and Lola said in unison. I jumped on them sideways so that both of them could catch me. Marisol had my legs and Lola held my upper body. "Hold on! Instagram this!" Christian said taking a picture. I put my arm next to my ear and smiled. "Hahaha that's a good one babe. Lets go." Justin said and I soon instantly tasted snow again. "Thanks guys. Appreciate it." "No problem." Grr. After a while we skated, we had the whole rink to ourself. Music was playing and our little group was just skating around. Justin almost busted his butt trying to dance and I was sliding on the ice most of the time with my knees. I'm really uncoordinated. Lola was talented and skated like a pro. Marisol was hanging onto Christian. Chaz and Gloria went to get us hot cocoa and eventually Justin picked me up and skated behind me hugging my waist. "I love you." He whispered into my ear. "I love you too." I whispered back and received a kiss on the cheek. After many hours of skating, we went back to our hotel. The group came along and eventually passed out. Justin has his concert tomorrow at Times Square Garden. I couldn't sleep. I had insomnia that night. To kill the time and try to fall asleep I put on my uggs and Justin's huge coat and went out into the balcony with a pen and paper. I played the music on Justin's phone and the first song that played was "white horse" by Taylor swift. I wrote my heart and soul away. Whatever I wanted to say to Justin I just wrote it down. In any case that something happens to me, I want him to know what my last words are in this paper. I was outside for what seemed like hours. This is the first time I ever stayed awake so late. I put the paper in his jacket and placed the notebook down. I inhaled the cold fresh air and exhaled my warm hot breath that created a little fog in my face. I looked at the time on Justin's phone. 5:30. The sun was coming up. I looked at the picture he has as his screen saver. It's us today at the rink. He was hugging my waist and kissing my cheek. I'm smiling and holding on to his hands and my hair was flowing down beautifully. Not trying to sound cocky but this is the first time it actually looks good. A cold tear ran down my face and I quickly wiped it off when I heard the door slide open. "Bells?" Justin voice rang in my ears. "Yea?" "What are you doing out here? It's freezing?" "Come watch the sunrise with me. It's beautiful." He sat down next to me, grabbed my hand and held onto it tight. "It's beautiful." "Just like you." I leaned over and kissed him. "Come on. Lets get you ready. You have a show tonight." He smiled and we walked into the room together. Everyone was still asleep so we got dressed and walked down to eat breakfast alone. "They'll eventually find us." He said. I took off the jacket and put it on his bed and changed. We walked out to go eat breakfast. After a few minutes, the crew came and joined us. "So bells, what were you doing outside this morning?" Marisol asked. "Just thinking." "About?" lola asked. My head was overfilled with thoughts last night. Too many to say. To hard to speak without crying. I couldn't say what I thought so I lied. "Justin's concert today." I had to protect them from the truth. It's what's best for them. It's what's best for me.
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