Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


17. How it all began.

I woke up but not in the plane. 'Where am I?' I asked in my head. The place was not familiar. It's not home, it's not the plane, it's not a hospital. It's just a narrow hall. I looked around trying to see if I can find some type of logo but everything was white and at the end there was a bright light. I can't be dead. I can't die this way. I can't end my life sleeping. This can't be happening. "Where am I?" I yelled out hoping for an answer. Nothing. The silence was piercing my ears for some reason. I couldn't stand a quiet room. I ran down the long corridor until I finally made it to a room. With the curiosity I have, I went inside searching for answers. There were doctors running around and a woman lying on a bed holding her husbands hand and yelling in pain. It looks like my parents. I was at the exact place where my mom gave birth to me. "Why am I here?" I asked under my breath. "You want answers to how you got a kidney transplant so here it is." A man suddenly stood next to me. Not knowing where he came from was bizarre but if it gives me answers, I'm up for it. "Right after you were born, your organs weren't fully built just yet. You had to stay in the hospital for a few months until you were safe to leave." The scene changed we were now home to a hasty mother and a concerned father on the phone. I was about 8. "Your kidney stopped responding to any fluids so you were dehydrated and fainted. Your blood was clogged and that's when you needed a new kidney." This explains to much. That's why my mom is always shoving water down my throat. "I don't remember this at all." "It's mainly a blur because you first off fainted and second, it's your childhood. No one really remembers what they did at 8 years old." Tears flowed down my face as I saw the way my dad looked at me when the scene of my surgery came into place. He looked heart broken. My mom was the same way but she kept herself busy with Jessie..... "Bella. Bella! Wake up!!" Justin said shaking my shoulders. I opened my eyes and wiped off the tears that were actually streaming down my face. "What's wrong bells? You were crying and talking in your sleep." "I'm sorry. This may sound extremely weird but I know how my surgery happened." I explained to him about my dream. Surprisingly, he took it rather well and believed my every sentence. "I'm never letting you go Bella. You better keep that in mind because you're mine and you can't leave my side and I refuse to leave yours." I smiled with tears pouring out of my eyes. He pulled me in for a hug. Something I needed at the moment to feel safe. To feel like I'm alive without a worry. A normal girl going out with her normal boyfriend. I needed that type of composure at the moment and right now it was too perfect to end. After a few minutes of crying, I pulled away to fix myself. I drank my pill and snuggled back into Justin's arms. "I promise I won't leave you." I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. He hugged me tighter and began playing with my hair. "We will be landing in New York in approximately 10 minutes." A voice from the intercom said. We got up and adjusted ourselves to get off the plane. Once we got off, he put on his hoodie and glasses thinking it makes it look less noticeable that he's famous let alone himself. After a run through the airport with girls running after us and the papz too, we made it into a black van waiting for us outside. Without needing to say where to go, the van took us to a really fancy hotel. The bell man took our bags and placed them in our room. "Why aren't we going to our room?" I asked snuggling myself in his jacket keeping myself warm from the freezing cold winter weather of New York. "Because we are meeting some people to go ice skating." Great... Not my biggest strength. Especially when I'm uncoordinated and I have pigeon feet so I'm all over the place. "I've skating it is then!" I said with excitement. It's alway good to try new things.
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