Die in your arms

Arabella has a secret that she is hiding from everyone. She will do everything she can to stay normal for as long as she can even if it means giving up her love for pop sensation and "heartthrob" of the school Justin Bieber. "I'm sorry Justin. I love you." Was the last thing he read from me.


10. Halloween.

Days passed an Halloween was less than a few hours away. I got in my car an rushed to Lola's house. "Hey babe, ready to get our costumes?" I asked. "Yup. Lets roll baby doll." I drove to party city and got the costumes. I'm sure Justin would like it. It's cute. Halloween came and Justin and Lola came over. We planned on taking Jessie out. Plus Ryan is also coming. How exciting!! I finished getting ready and put my wig on, touched up my make-up and went downstairs to get the door. "Jess, almost ready?" I yelled. "Yea." I got the door and the was a hot stud holding a plastic gun. "Wow great minds think alike. Hey Marilyn Monroe." He said kissing me. "Are you a 1960s mobster?" "You got that right. SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" He said sounding like Al Pacino in Scarface while holding his plastic gun and moving it back and forth as if he were actually shooting. "You're too much." "And you're too beautiful." That deserved another kiss. Hehe. "Is Lola here? Ryan is on his way." "No she isn't but this is so exciting!" He laughed and went to get himself a drink. Jessie came running down the stairs dressed as Sailor Moon. That's my favorite character and t.v show of all time. "JUSTIN!" She screetched and jumped on him. "JESSIE!" He said imitating her excitement. "Where's Lola?" She asked. "Speak of the devil. She just pulled up and so did Ryan. Great timing." "For real." Justin agreed. We walked outside greeted one another and introduced Lola and Ryan. "So who's ready to go?" I asked grabbing a bag for Jess an I. "I am. Where's your parents?" Lola asked. "Party." She nodded and we began our adventure of our first Halloween together. Usually it would just be Lola, Jessie and I but this time, things have changed and I most certainly love it. For 4 hours we drove and walked down the whole community and Justin's and Ryan's and Lola's. Lola and Ryan have been really getting along for once. It's surprising. "We're all gonna end up with cavities." I said stuffing my face with chocolates. "Maybe just you babe." Justin chimed in. I giggled and it was about time to go home. "Hey guys I think it's time to go." They all agreed and started walking back to Justin's car since it was bigger until I got side tracked. "A SEWAR!!" I exclaimed. "I've always wanted to do this." I walked over to stand on top and like the actual picture, my dress came up but only slightly not enough to show what I have underneath. They all took out their phones and like Marilyn I started rocking the camera. Pose here and pose there. It's most likely going to end up on instagram. "Ahh glad I got that out if my system. Ok we can go now." They giggled, Justin took my hand, I took Jessie's and we walked back to the car. We finally made it home and instantly everyone took off their shoes and breathed a sigh of relief. "We'll I gotta go home. Ill see you tomorrow Bells. 10 sharp!" Justin looked at me like 'What did you plan that I'm not invited to?' "It's just the mall babe. You can come too if you want." "I'll be here to get you at 9:45." I love how he would clear his whole schedule just to be with me. How sweet. Haha. "Bye Lols see you manaña." I said sounding like a gringa. My mom is Canadian and dad is Puerto Rican. "I'll go with Justin. We can get you too Lola." Ryan offered. "Sure. Ill see you guys tomorrow then." We said our goodbyes and both Ryan and Lola left. Jess went to sleep and my parents won't be back for another hour. "Well buttercup, it was a great new kind of Halloween. Thank you." I said hugging him. "Thank you too bubbles. Ill see you tomorrow. I'm getting sleepy." "Ok. Be careful. Call me when you get home." "I will. Don't worry." He kissed me and drove off. I went upstairs and took a shower, took off all my make-up and put on my pjs. I jumped on my bed relieved that I feel fresh but sad that the night is over. My feelings for Justin are unbearable. I didn't know it would get this far. I didn't want him to be attached to me or vice versa. My phone started vibrating and Justin's face was plastered on my screen. "Hey love. I'm home now. Just wanted to say goodnight and to remind you that ill be at your house 9:45 on the dot." "Ok darling. Ill see you tomorrow. Goodnight." I hung up the phone and instantly went to sleep. HOLY MOLEY! I can't keep forgetting! I took out my pills from my bag and put one in my mouth and swallowed. I never knew what they were for. They were only prescribed to me. Oh well. I laid back down and soon enough I was dreaming of when Justin and I were at the park. My first kiss.
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