The Diary Of Us. (Harry Styles/One Direction story)

'To the world you are just one person but to one person you may be the world'
A Harry Styles story:)


1. Introduction

I held his hand, tightly, never loosening my grip. His ,emerald, green, eyes, dazzled me, they were beautiful. His eyes always reminded me of a clover- a four leafed one, because four leafed clovers are rare to find and if you find one, your supposed to be brought luck everyday until you take your final breath. I found my four leafed clover when, I met Harry. I was the luckiest girl in the whole world. Everyone was envious of me, but, underneath, they were happy for me- but right now his eyes were closed. His, brown, curly, locks, were draped over his face, covering his, eyes, every once in a while I would move them out of his face. 

               Harry had been in hospital for 3 weeks now and I never left his side, I promised I wouldn't let go. He told me I was the rose to his Jack. He was the Jack to my rose. Crystal clear beads started falling from my eyes, I never imagined it to end like this. I tried to remain strong, but every so often the walls that I had built so tall and strong, just collapsed, onto the cold floor of the hospital ward.      

              Harry was in a coma. 

I told myself that he would wake up. He had to wake up. His hands were still warm. Me and Harry had been on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, ins and outs- but in the end we were brought together one final time, but it had to be something like this that brought us together. See, before this, me and Harry hadn't spoked for three years, but there was always hope surrounding us, my friends and family were always telling me, 'that boy completed you, and we can see that you completed him, we know you still love him Alexis- and Alexis if you love someone so much, you will always find your way back to them in the end.'  I never listened to them, I always told myself that Harry had moved on, I mean, he's in the worlds biggest boy band, of course he wouldn't hold on to memories of me, but he did and so did I- and I wrote them all down, in a Diary and I called it the diary of us. 

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