50 Days

'I'm so sorry Mr and Mrs Ghana. Lucy only has 50 days to live. And there's nothing we can do"

Lucy was just an ordinary teenage girl. She likes boys (and boys like her!), magazines, fashion and makeup. But when she is diagnosed with a rare blood disease and discovers she only has 50 days to live she sets herself goals each day to complete and makes a journal for her Mum and Dad for when she's gone. But suddenly there's an unexpected twist in the tale, and her parents must find a way to treat her or there could be more than one life at stake.


3. Day 2 and 3

Ok so Goal Number 2. I've like spread it over two days because it's quite a big one and may sound totally crazy to you... and totally bitchy. But trust me, this is something I HAVE to do. I'm not going to die with only kissing one guy. So I'm going clubbing, Matty knows, don't worry, I've told him. About the disease I means and I've shown him my goals. He said it's cool, but I'll never know what he's thinking. He might be thinking I'm a complete slag but ya know what? I just wanna have fun to be honest.

So me, my eighteen year old cousin, three of my best friends and my cousin, Lilys, best friends are all going to the over- eighteens club. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get in being only fifteen and all but the one we're going to doesn't check for ID and Lily's been there tonnes of times and she says they know her so well we might get free drinks and entry. So today I'm shopping for new clothes and tonight I'm clubbing, then spending the night at Lily's with all my friends and her friends getting drunk and spending tomorrow with a hang over wondering what the actualy hell went on last night. Trust me, I may sound like a complete bitch but I need to do this, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't understand unless your dying. I actually need to experience as much as I actually can, before it's too late.

"Lucy?" Mads called up the stairs. Mads and her lovely red hair and cute clothes.

"Mads, hey come up!" I shouted back down, Mads just lets herself in my house all the time, she doesnt bother to knock anymore because a) she practically lives here and b) she dated my older brother (who's been away on hols and still doesnt know about.. well you know...) for almost two years, so she was here 24/7 then, although they broke up about two months ago.

Mads came bouncing into my room, wearing black jeans and a red frilly top (which may sound like totally gross but Mads pulls it off).

"Hey gal" I said, moving so magazines from my bed so Mads could sit down. Mads doesn't know about my 'condition' but she still agreed to go clubbing. Cousin Lily obviously does 'cause she's family.

"Soooooooo..." Mads said, sitting down, "What's tonight all about? I mean I heard you kissed Matty yesterday so why are you off snogging other guys tonight?" Mads looked at me, hard. She knew this isn't what I normally do and I guess she was kinda worried.

"Look. I just need to experience what a normal fifteen year old girl does, yeah? Matty totally understands, he's still my boyfriend" although I have to admit at the moment he's more like my best friend who I love.

"Wait.." Mads chewed her lip. "Matty knows about this?" she sounded shocked. Oh dear...

"Look. I'm not a slag or a bitch. Matty understands, he's kissed other girls" (although he said I was the best kisser yet) "he knows I need to experience other guys" I tried to explain.

"So. You have a goooorgeous boyfriend, who you've kissed, who's just gonna let you go and snog as many other guys as you like because he's kissed other girls?" Mads said, making it sound awful and making mine and Mattys relationship sound like a total sham.

"Mads. Can we leave it please?" I snapped, grabbing my red bag and shoving it over my shoulder.

"Sure....... sorry" Mads apologised.

"No matter" I said, hitching up my mini skirt."So let's go buy some kick ass outfits yeah?"


I put my feet into the red heels and stood up carefully, making sure I didn't ruin my hair.

"You look fab" "Wow" "You're looking so stunning" Came about 10 voices at the same time. Lily, and her friends May and Mils were wearing tight sequinned bandeau dresses, see through shiny tights and high strapped heels. Mads was wearing a red asymmetric dress (looking amaze) her red hair curled to her shoulders and black thick platform heels. She looked at least 17. My other two best friends Miya and Harriet were both wearing tube skirts and floaty tops tucked in with silver heels. And I was wearing a stunning blue short dress with a zip down the back and silver huge heels. Man, I was ready for this. My eyes were outlined in black and had silver eye shadow. I had blusher and a pale pink lipstick on. I'm not gonna lie but I think I was looking pretty good.

"Ready to go?" asked Lily, pulling out packets of something and shoving them in her bag.

"Sure, let's do this" I said, standing up and walking slowly out to Lily's car.


His hand began tracing down my back, rubbing little circles by the dimples at the bottom of my spine. His tongue was warm flickering in and out of my mouth and his body was hot, pressed against mine. One of his hands reached up and began stroking my hair (which was soft and shiny thanks to Lilys special 'party hair oil') and then began tracing my collarbone, brushing away stray hairs.

This was the fourth guy I'd kissed tonight and he was definetely the best kisser, apart from Matty of course. No one could beat Matty's kiss. His name was Sky (unusual name for a guy I must admit) and he was 19. He had cute brown hair and stunning blue eyes and as I traced my hands up and down his torso I realised he had a pretty good body too.

I bit his lip, teasingly, and he smiled, which was kinda cute.

"Dyu wanna go somewhere?" he whispered. I didn't answer, just carried on kissing.

The hand that was on my back slowly moved down to my bottom, and his other hand moved down to my thigh, stroking it up and down gently. His fingers began stroking up the inside of my legs, right up to the top and worked their way around my thong. I didn't mind, however slaggy that may sound, as we were right in the corner of a secluded part of the night club and no one could see. His fingers gently worked their way up inside of me and I gently pulled away. I wanted to leave that for me and Matty.

"Did I do something wrong?" Sky asked, staring at me with his stunning eyes.

"No, I'm just not in the mood anymore" I said before leaving quietly, over to where Lily and all the other girls were waiting. Lily was driving me and my friends home but then her and her friends were going to some guy she'd met houses.

I didn't mind to be honest. The mood has totally gone.


I woke up the next morning with the biggest hang over ever. I sat up. Fast. Then lay down. I couldn't wait to see Matty again. None of the other guys were a patch on him.




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