50 Days

'I'm so sorry Mr and Mrs Ghana. Lucy only has 50 days to live. And there's nothing we can do"

Lucy was just an ordinary teenage girl. She likes boys (and boys like her!), magazines, fashion and makeup. But when she is diagnosed with a rare blood disease and discovers she only has 50 days to live she sets herself goals each day to complete and makes a journal for her Mum and Dad for when she's gone. But suddenly there's an unexpected twist in the tale, and her parents must find a way to treat her or there could be more than one life at stake.


2. Day 1

I came up with the idea of writing a journal for my parents to read when I'm gone. I thought I could write some of the goals in it (not all of them though.. not the one about losing my virginity and things, I wouldn't put my parents through reading that) so I found an old leather diary to write in for each day.

Goal Number 1 is 'to be kissed by the boy I love'. You're probably wondering who this mystery guy is. Well he's my boyfriend, kind of. We were going out but then we had a break because I decided I needed to see more guys. He totally understood, that's how perfect he is. He saw some more girls but he said none were a patch on me. We haven't kissed yet... I've been putting him off, wanting to keep him on something I call 'The Ledge'. It's like something you keep guys on when you're with them to stop them trying to use them. A bit like playing hard to get but different. Guys love it. My fabulous guy doesn't mind. Not really, but today I am going to kiss him.

I need to, it's my goal. I'm not going to tell anyone that one of my goals is too get married. Like that's going to happen at fifteen!

I'm not planning on telling anyone about my disease, only him when I want to marry him, and I guess by then the secret will be out. I mean it's not like we're going to randomly get married, people will need to know why.

He won't be my first kiss, I've kissed one guy before him but it was so bad it put me off kissing for a while. I make out I've kissed more but I haven't. It's just lots of my friends have kissed a lot of guys, or gone further. But I didn't want to, until now. Don't tell anyone but Losing My Virginity is Goal Number 6. So in a week (if all my goals go to plan) I will have lost it.

I hope this doesn't make me sound slaggy or slutty. I'm the girl that's dying, I need goals to keep me going.. Does this sound weird? I guess maybe it does, I don't care what people think anymore.

Anyway enough thinking... If I think too hard it just seriously makes me depressed.

I dragged myself out bed, ripping back the curtains and letting the bright, white light rush into my eyes. Ouch.

I open my wardrobe and try to find a cute outfit, something nice, small, maybe a bit sexy but I'm not sure.

I need something to make Matty (my boyfriend) smile and think in his beautiful head 'wow I want to kiss that beautiful creature. I want her with me forever and I want my mouth pressed against hers'. I want his green eyes so close to mine I can see my reflection in his eyes and I want his breath, warm and delicious on my lips.

I eventually pull out a red mini skirt, black top and blazer and some red wedges. I hope they make him go 'wow' but I'm not sure. My hair's a crazy afro, like some clown freak so I tame it down and straighten it before spraying my whole body with my favourite Jimmy Choo perfume with smells amazing! I add black eyeliner in the corner of my eyes, a slightly blush in my cheeks and red cherry tasting lips. Mascara covered my long, thick eyelashes with just enhanced them amazingly. It just made me so happy to look nice.

I walked down to the kitchen, and smiled at Mum in her silk blue dressing gown, making her raise her eyebrows.

"You look F-A-B! WOW Lu, Matty will be impressed" she gave me a cheeky wink and some money for the bus fare. "Eat breakfast before you go ok hun?"

Mum's been surprisingly good about the whole dying thing, no crying, no screaming, just acting normal. Well, I don't know what she'll be like when I've gone to meet Matty, maybe she's just stashing all her feelings up inside and she'll let it all out as soon as I've caught the bus.

I grabbed some cornflakes out the cupboard and milk at the fridge and munched away at them slowly. In fifty days time I'm going to be getting on a very different sort of bus, a bus to heaven, a bus to see Jesus, well if him and God exist after putting me and my family through all this. My family are highly religious, if you hadnt guessed but it obviously hadn't paid off. Or I wouldn't be dying in 50 days.

You might be wondering how I'm not seeming so upset. Don't worry I do have emotions. I am upset. I'm dying for Gods Sake of course I have emotions! Last night I cried myself to sleep but now? Now I'm just planning on making the next fifty days the best days of my life.

At half eleven I caught the bus to Newden Market, which is where I'm meeting Matty. I looked around the main mall, searching for him, wondering where he could be. And then I spot him. Cool, relaxed, totally hot, leaning against the Topshop window in awesome red skinny jeans and a polo shirt and jumper. He spotted me and waved, his beautiful blonde hair flopping gently in front of his eyes. As he reached me I stood on tiptoes, brushed his hair back with my fngers and kissed the end of his nose.

"What's all this about?" He asked in his cheeky voice, his smile making my literally melt.

"I've decided to take you off the Ledge, I guess you could say" I replied, putting my arm around his waist.

"Ah, the ledge? Well it's good I'm off it now, isn't it?" he put his arm over my shoulder and steered me towards Topshop.

"Now it's time to totally spoil you rotten" He said. Oh how I love my boyfriend.

We stayed in Topshop for ages, browsing through the clothes. He bought me a new skirt and I bought him a new top. Then we walked to our favourite coffee shop and had hot chocolates and biscuits before walking along the river hand in hand.

I suddenly stopped in front of it, putting my hands on his chest and looking up at him.

"I love you" I whispered, before reaching up on tiptoe and touching my lips to his.

He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, I kissed him slowly and then I felt the flicker of his tongue on my lips. I let my lips part and he did the same and there we were having the perfect kiss, in the perfect place.

It would seem stupid to say I wanted to marry him but I dont care anymore. I want to marry him.. before I die.

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