love hurts

Jasmine was Harry's ex and belmarie's suppose to be her best friend belmarie couldn't keep on with the pain and went on with her life,jasmine found out about her secret crush of one of the guys from one direction.Will Jasmine make her life miserable,whos belmaries secret crush. wellthen read for yourself.

thanks for every thing but i need asome caracters name please send them to my email at ( no parentisis i neeed informaction of ancaracter made up or allredy mad please send me i need the information thanks.....att Belmarie1D


5. Why?

I saw nothing I was annoyed at first and went to close the door but then there was a hand that landed on my front door.

It made me smile ear to ear.

"What you playing hide and go seek?" I asked bitchy.

he chuckled as his eyes met mine.

We just looked at each other but his eyes scrolled to my breast as his hand started to go higher and higher till his fingers were in between my towel and my chest.


His eyes met mines my lips in between my lips, he invited himself into my house shutting the door as my towel was ripped off from my body.


"Harry don't please you don't want me...." I was cut off by his lips on mines moving in perfect sync.

I bit his lip holding onto him as his hand felt my body down to my missy.

He pulled me closer to his body as it made me moan.


As much as I wanted to feel him I couldn't do this.

"HARRY LET GO!" I pushed away falling to the ground holding my self, But by being the gentleman he came over to me and helped me up but I pulled him with me as he held me in his arms.


I felt close to him but he wasn't what I needed. He was something I wanted but couldn't have, he was to much for my life.


And no its not that we are from different world cause I don't care , but its more than's much more than that.



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