love hurts

Jasmine was Harry's ex and belmarie's suppose to be her best friend belmarie couldn't keep on with the pain and went on with her life,jasmine found out about her secret crush of one of the guys from one direction.Will Jasmine make her life miserable,whos belmaries secret crush. wellthen read for yourself.

thanks for every thing but i need asome caracters name please send them to my email at ( no parentisis i neeed informaction of ancaracter made up or allredy mad please send me i need the information thanks.....att Belmarie1D


4. still being rejected...but not for long

It was 10 O-clock and i was closing the store and saying buy to Caitlyn as she drove off mad for me rejecting her ride.

But i lived less then a block away from the store and the night wasn't tensed like most nights so i decided on walking peacefully with my ear buds in my ears playing the British band- Me at six-

I got home and closed the door locking it.

I stripped down to my underwear and turned my radio on.

I got into the show rinsing all the dirty smelly un wanted things on my body.

After a good 6 minutes of showering my house phone rang.

It was Caitlyn

-hey do you want to go to the club tomorrow night just me and you but get breakfast,go club shopping,then lunch,then go to the club and after words have dinner.-

-of course what time.-

-wake up around 8 or 8:30-


-grate so see tomorrow night night-

-night caity-

I hung up and turned around and there went my house phone again.

Chuckling cause I knew Caitlyn had forgotten something I picked up.

-what did you forget-

-I guess your waiting a call-

I have heard that British accent some were but were.

I started to think and there it came out.

-Harry? Is this Harry?-

-Wow quick guesser and got it right!-

-what do you want?-

-I want you to take that grey towel off of you.-

-You know what go to......wait how do you know I have a grey towel?-

-open your front door trust me babe.-

-First I will never ever trust you not even if my life depended on it second don't call me it get it good!!-

I opened my front door and looked right in front of me and saw.......

Awww sorry but I hope you liki it...

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