love hurts

Jasmine was Harry's ex and belmarie's suppose to be her best friend belmarie couldn't keep on with the pain and went on with her life,jasmine found out about her secret crush of one of the guys from one direction.Will Jasmine make her life miserable,whos belmaries secret crush. wellthen read for yourself.

thanks for every thing but i need asome caracters name please send them to my email at ( no parentisis i neeed informaction of ancaracter made up or allredy mad please send me i need the information thanks.....att Belmarie1D


2. meeting them

I walked into the laudry store and greeted every one.

courtney was with a costumer and was writing something down for the lady.

"here you go ma'am."courtneys voice sounded very low. As the lady left i looked at courtney and mocked her voice.

"what's wrong with your voice cc."  yes i call her cc. 2 resons her names starts with c and she loves cc pizza so that why i call her that.

"Its not funny Keysha,my throught has been like this seen last night and i cant even swollow any thing only liquid things,and know i cant eat pizza today."she argued.  I laughed a bit but felt sorry for her. I sat next to her and we talked and took turnes atending costumers.we would fight and say that it wasn't our turns but i usally stood up and atended them.

It was about 12:20 there was a good breeze know and them.And all of usseden the door opened and in came in 5 hot cute noisey boys. No way ONE DIRECTION


authers note soo how was it i know its short it like a preview like comments apresheated thanks alot guys for reading your the best.

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