love hurts

Jasmine was Harry's ex and belmarie's suppose to be her best friend belmarie couldn't keep on with the pain and went on with her life,jasmine found out about her secret crush of one of the guys from one direction.Will Jasmine make her life miserable,whos belmaries secret crush. wellthen read for yourself.

thanks for every thing but i need asome caracters name please send them to my email at ( no parentisis i neeed informaction of ancaracter made up or allredy mad please send me i need the information thanks.....att Belmarie1D


3. flurting but not fallin....hopefully

"Hi im Courtney and you are?" I rolled my eyes and stood infront of her."I thought you were sick."

she smiled and shoved me around."name of order mr.'s" A brown head boy with arrows up his arm answered."Paul,please and thank you but don't call us mr.'s i think you know who we are right love.

She blushed getting all wabily.I rooled my eyes and walked to the back store grabing 6 man suites.There was a man suite were it had a note that said _cellphone found in pocket placed in the M box.

Walking over to the box with the suites in my hands I opened the box were there was a iPhone with a paper taped to it saying Paul.

Walking back to were Courtney and the boys were I handed them the suites taking the papers and pins off of them and un-taping the tap from the cellphone and handing it to them.

"I think these are yours and so is this cellphone am I right."

A brown curled hair boy stepped up and smiled letting his dimples pop out.

"thanks I was getting scared already."

"Don't worry we didn't check it Harry."

"well I hope your number is in here cause I would love to talk to you again."

"sure you would Hun I wasn't born yesterday and you and I clearly know that you just want to have sex with me and that's all so if that's what you want your want your gonna have to work much more harder cause I'm not that easy and if you don't believe me ask my best friend I right Caitlyn."

Caitlyn nodded and every one made a oahhh sound making me smiled at my victory made.

I added up the sum of it and told them the price.

Louis paid with a credit card grabbing the things handing each one and him with 2.

Harry tried ones more.

"can i have your number at least?"


"why not?"

"cause I said so you want me work for it."

"your feisty and That isn't gonna make me kneel to your knees. See you later and that I can a sure you." He turned around and walked away with his friends.


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