The Kidnapping (1D)

Lilly was like any other teenage girl, she liked to hangout with her friends and more but one thing she hates is One direction. When the boys find out that Lilly hates them they will do anything for her to like them. Even if it means kidnapping her


9. 9

Lilly's POV

I heard them fighting and then I heard a loud thud on the ground. I ran up to the door and tried opening it but it was no use.

Then all of a sudden Zayn opens the door and carries me to bed."Do you love me doll?" he asked. I nodded "then show me." He said. I leaned in and kissed him. He started to kiss my neck which made me moan a little.

Next thing you know Harry tackles the door down."Lilly what the fuck!" He yelled. "Harry I'm sorry but I love Zayn more." I said.

Harry went to grab me away from Zayn but, I was quick and went under him. I ran downstairs thank god the door was easy to open this time. I opened the door and stormed out of there. But, I was in a forest I didn't know were to go. So I just ran where my little legs could take me. "Lilly!" I heard Zayn yell. "Get back here bitch!" Harry yelled behind me. I turned to see if he was anywhere close to me but I couldn't even see him so, I turned around and kept running next thing you know I ran into a tree. "That was very bad Lilly." I heard someone say. Before I could even see who it was I blacked out. 


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