The Kidnapping (1D)

Lilly was like any other teenage girl, she liked to hangout with her friends and more but one thing she hates is One direction. When the boys find out that Lilly hates them they will do anything for her to like them. Even if it means kidnapping her


8. 8

(BTW The other 3 boys went out)

Lilly's POV  

" I thought you liked me!" And angry Harry said behind me

Shit. I didn't know what to say. "well!" Harry Yelled at me

" I don't know I-I- I think I like you both." I said nervously

"Zayn can I talk to you" I heard Harry say to Zayn. Zayn Nodded.

Harry's POV

I closed the door behind me. "Listen I kidnapped her I get to keep her!" I growled at Zayn. "But, she loves me!" Zayn growled back.

I laughed in his face. "didn't you just see what happened before Zayn?" I said to him.

" you probably forced her you asshole!" He  said

" Nope she did it all herself" I said with a cheeky smile.

I could tell Zayn was pissed. Before I said anything else he just punched me right in the jaw.

I fell to the ground. I could hear Lilly trying to open the door. I tried to get up but Zayn kicked me and I fell down.

Before I could get up again. Zayn went into the room Lilly was in. I got up and ran to he door. But it was to late he had locked it.

"Zayn open the motherfucking door!" I yelled.

I started to kick and punch the door but it was no use.I heard a moan coming from inside the room. I got so pissed that I tackled the door down.

I saw something nasty and horrifying.


What Do You Think He Saw ;o! well I will update again when I get the chance so yea bye guys!

Love Ya! ! <3 xx

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