The Kidnapping (1D)

Lilly was like any other teenage girl, she liked to hangout with her friends and more but one thing she hates is One direction. When the boys find out that Lilly hates them they will do anything for her to like them. Even if it means kidnapping her


7. 7

Lilly's POV

" You guys are not going out anymore , Lilly your mine and that's final!" Harry yelled Harry yanked me away from Zayn and carried me to his bedroom. Zayn ran up to us but, as soon as Zayn was going to say something Harry shut the door.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at Harry

"No, look I really like you it's just that it's been difficult because I just broke up with my girlfriend Caroline and when I saw you at the mall I got happy because of how beautiful you were." He said.

I was shocked at those words that Harry just said not mad shocked good shocked. I hugged Harry and said " Harry I like you too but why did you kidnap me?" Harry looked at the ground. 

"Because i heard you didn't like One Direction" He said.

"oh you heard me and my friend talking didn't you?" I said

Harry nodded. "Listen Harry at first I thought you were some crazy ass whack job but, you really sweet" I said Harry looked at me and smiled. Then Harry looked at my lips then back at me. He leaned in and kissed me I kissed back but,Wait! I'm going out with Zayn.But harry's kisses are so sweet too. Then all of a sudden, the door to the room broke open. "LI-" Said Zayn. Be was devastated at the view he saw I pulled away from Harry and went to zayn

"It's not what it looks like." I said

"Wow, i thought you actually loved me doll I can't believe I fell for you" Zayn said a tear streaming down form his face. " I do" I said. "what! I thought you like me!" I heard an angry Harry saying behind me.


I will update tomorrow sorry Love Ya! xx

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