The Kidnapping (1D)

Lilly was like any other teenage girl, she liked to hangout with her friends and more but one thing she hates is One direction. When the boys find out that Lilly hates them they will do anything for her to like them. Even if it means kidnapping her


4. 4

Zayn's POV

I was sound asleep when I heard a door creek open. I slowly got up and cracked open my door a little to see what it was. I saw Lilly she was trying to escape. I followed her downstairs trying not to make noise. That was when Lilly tripped. She ran to the front door and before she could open it i caught her by the waist and whispered in her ear "Where you think your going doll?".

Lilly's POV

Shit. I turned around to see Zayn there. "N-N-No where." I said scared "well I think your gonna sleep with me tonight so you wont escape again." He said. Before I could protest he carried me and i tried kicking and hitting his back. "Nice try doll you can't hurt me and if you try your in trouble." Zayn threw me on his bed and lay down next to me. he put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear "Don't tell Harry doll that you slept here or else."  

What does that mean maybe Harry gets jealous easily. I smiled evilly and knew what I had in mind to make my escape again. Then i felt my eyelid grow heavier and next thing you know I fell asleep.

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