The Kidnapping (1D)

Lilly was like any other teenage girl, she liked to hangout with her friends and more but one thing she hates is One direction. When the boys find out that Lilly hates them they will do anything for her to like them. Even if it means kidnapping her


10. 10

Uhmm Hey sorry I couldn't update it has been more than 2 weeks now i think that I have not updated well I was Bussy. So, heres your story :)I think I might have to add a co- author because I almost barely have time but I will have to think about just tell me if you are interested in being a co-author and We will see okay :)



 When I woke up I was in bed. Why? Then, all of the memories came back from yesterday. "ughh" I said. "well, looks like someones awake." said a husky voice. I looked up and saw Harry there. Wait, wasn't he mad about yesterday. "uh, Hi?" I said confused.

Then next thing Zayn come in the room and he smiled at me I smiled back. Harry noticed and closed the door hard making me flinch then, he locked it.

I looked at him with a mad expression on my face. He just smirked and sat on the edge of the bed starring at me. I got a tad uncomfortable and said " Uhh, I think im going to shower."

"Let me join you." Harry said in a flirty tone adding a wink to it.

"Hahaha! In your dream Styles." I said but, before I could enter the bathroom Harry grabbed my arm and said " Listen Lilly I am truly sorry for being jealous of you and Zayn its just that I real like you but, I will try and calm myself down, I hope we can be friends.?" He said with a reassuring smile. "Harry Yes, I would like for us to be friends." I said hugging him. Then he left the room and I went to the shower and took a nice hot shower to calm my head down. 

When I was done I got dressed and then I opened the door the the room I was in luckily it was unlocked. when I went downstairs to the kitchen I saw Zayn and Harry watching T.V.

I headed to the Fridge to get something to eat then I felt arms being wrapped around my waist. I turned around and Zayn and I were face to face. then Zayn kissed me and it felt like fireworks. *cough* Zayn and I turned around to see Harry standing there awkwardly Zayn and I blushed then we went to the living room to watch T.V. 

It has been a while since Zayn And I have been watching T.V. And Harry was upsatiars in his room I dont know why but he didnt even look at us when he was walking upstairs. I felt my eyelids get heavier and next thing you know I fell asleep. "Sleep tight Babe". I heard Zayn whisper.

I think that living with these two boys might be an amazayn change for me ( Hahaha See what I did up there ^).




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