I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Is a Fifteen Year Old Girl Who Used To be Best Friends With Niall Horan.
Little Did She Know, She Was In Love With him. So When Niall Returns, Will Niall Want More From Her? Will He Even Remember Her? Find Out In
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3. Promise?

Brandon's P.O.V:  

I ran After Jess. She Had Ran Inside Her House and Up The Stairs. " Jess?" I asked.  I found her in the corner crying. " What?" Jess Said. " i Know Your Upset." i Cradled her in my arms as she cried."Why would My Best friend do that to me.." She asked, Sniffling. " I really don't Know Jess." I said. Just Then, Niall Ran up The stairs. " What do you want" I asked Him. He Say Me Cradling Jess And He teared Up. "Jess, I--" " Whatever Niall. Im Tired Of Your Shit.. Get Out Of Here." Niall Started Crying. Then He left. I Held Jess Tightly. " Will You Stay With me Tonight?" She asked. "Of Course." I replied. She went up and got changed and Then She Grabbed my hand and pulled me Over Near her bed.  We Layed Under the covers,, and Pretty Soon She Was Asleep. I Woke Up The Next Morning. She Wasn't Where She Was Last Night.  I heard a Voice. " I Don't Know Niall," She Paused. "Yeah, I Know Your Sorry, But It's The Same Shit Every time, Maybe We Just need A Little break. Like, a Month or So. Im Sorry. But Its Best." She came back into the room And Sat next to me. "My Life Is so confusing." She sighed.  I Looked Into her Eyes. " I wish I could Understand You."

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