I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Is a Fifteen Year Old Girl Who Used To be Best Friends With Niall Horan.
Little Did She Know, She Was In Love With him. So When Niall Returns, Will Niall Want More From Her? Will He Even Remember Her? Find Out In
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4. Fine Is An Understatement...

Brandon's P.O.V:

I ran After Jess. She Had Ran Inside Her House and Up The Stairs. " Jess?" I asked. I found her in the corner crying. " What?" Jess Said. " i Know Your Upset." i Cradled her in my arms as she cried."Why would My Best friend do that to me.." She asked, Sniffling. " I really don't Know Jess." I said. Just Then, Niall Ran up The stairs. " What do you want" I asked Him. He Saw Me Cradling Jess And He teared Up. "Jess, I--" " Whatever Niall. Im Tired Of Your Shit.. Get Out Of Here." Niall Started Crying. Then He left. I Held Jess Tightly. " Will You Stay With me Tonight?" She asked. "Of Course." I replied. She went up and got changed and Then She Grabbed my hand and pulled me Over Near her bed. We Layed Under the covers,, and Pretty Soon She Was Asleep. I Woke Up The Next Morning. She Wasn't Where She Was Last Night. I heard a Voice. " I Don't Know Niall," She Paused. "Yeah, I Know Your Sorry, But It's The Same Shit Every time, Maybe We Just need A Little break. Like, a Month or So. Im Sorry. But Its Best." She came back into the room And Sat next to me. "My Life Is so confusing." She sighed. I Looked Into her Eyes. " I wish I could Understand You."

Niall's P.O.V:

she said That We Needed a Break. That Snapped My heart into little twigs. I Eventually had to call up Jane And appologize. She hated me. i was sure of it. " Hey Jane." I Said. " What Do You want?" jane Replied. She had Been Crying. " I Want to appologize." I said. " I don't Want your appologizes." Jane Said. She Hung Up. I Went over to Jess's House. I refused to leave. i Love Jess. I Don't Ever want to hurt Jess ever again. she ment the world to me. by the time i got over there, Brandon was Gone. "Thank the lords above." i said to myself. "Niall.." Jess Said. " Im So Sorry Jess." I replied. " I Need You." I said. "I was just jealous you were dating Brandon.." I said. I couldn't help but blush. " i wasn't Dating Brandon. He gave Me His Number, I had No Intentions of using it.. but i  did." She Said Crying. " Its all My fault." i said. " are We Forgiven?" She Asked. she Was Questioning me. "Of Course Jess, I'm in Love With You." He said. "Why Didn't You Tell Me." She questioned.. again. " Because i was Nervous." I Cuddled her closer to me. Just Inches away from Kissing. She leaned In. That Kiss Was The best Thing That ever Happened To Me. " is there anyway i can make it up to you?" I Asked Her. " I think You just Did." I smiled. She liked the Kiss. She really, honestly, truely Liked it. "In That Case..." I kissed Her again. I Felt Her blush And Her Lips Were Pressed against Mine. It Felt Good. I Needed Jess In My Life. One Day, I will make Her Mine. One Day. Jess remained In my Arms. "Jess, You Need To Go To Sleep." " No Niall. I'm staying With You." she Said. "Then Let me refrase That. LET'S Go to sleep."  i Carried Her Over To The bed. She was already asleep in my arms. I layed her on the bed and  Stripped Her down to her  Bra And Panties. i Covered Her Up And layed Against Her. i Hope Jess Really Loved me. How Could I be So Blind. I Needed To See It. i Need to Promise Her. I shook Her awake. ' Yes Nialler?" she Said. " I Love You More Than anything." I Kissed her And She Fell Back Asleep.

Jess's P.O.V:

I Was Dreaming. I Sat Up stuttering. Yesterday Never happened. I Was Finally Awake! I Found Niall Awake On the Couch. I had To Be sure that Nothing Happened Yesterday."Niall. what Did we do yesterday?" Oh, Easy. I Flew In From London." YES!!!  It Was All A Dream. . " I Love You Niall."  I Hugged Him. " 'Are You Okay?" He asked Frowning. " I Just Had A nightmare.." I Said. "Awh. Well C'mon. Let's Go to My house. My Family Hasn't Seen You In Two years." I Got Up And Changed into Something More Appropriate. A 1D Shirt And jeans and Some Furry Boots. We  Got Into Niall's Car And Drove For About  five  minutes. We Reached his house. He unlocked the door. " NIALL!!" Everyone Yelped. They All Looked Shocked When They Saw Me. " Jess?" I heard Niall's Mom. " Thats Her!" Niall laughed.  Everyone Was Hugging Me.  They Eventually Let go. " So Niall, How Was being Famous? People Were Asking.   And more Stupid Questions like, "HOWS JB?!" Oh God. Niall Grabbed My hand. He Pulled Me Upstairs And Into His Room. " Woah. i haven't Been in here For FOREVER." I Said Giggling. Niall Threw A Pillow At me. "JERK!" I Yelled. I Hit Him back. He Laughed. Eventually We Both Ended Up On The Floor Rolling Around Laughing. I Sat Up. There Were Pictures of Us On The Wall. YOU DIDN'T FORGET!" I Said. I Gasped. "Nope." Niall Smiled. "YOU JERK!" i tackled Him.  "So, Then Why Did You LIE To Me?" I Asked Him. "Because. I Wanted You To Make Me Remember who you were. You Were This Fabulous Girl." Niall replied. "Oh yeah?" I asked. " Mhhm." He Led  Me Over To The Window. "Jess, " He Said Holding My hand. It was now dark outside. "Hmm.?" I Asked. He Kissed Me Lightly On The Lips. I Heard Something Snap. It Sounded Like A Camera. I Just Ignored This And Kissed Niall Back. " Jess, Be My Forever?" Niall Asked. He Was Smiling. I Kissed Him Again. I Hope He Understood.


Niall's P.O.V:

That Night I Asked  Jess Out. She Kissed Me. That's All I Need To Know That Meant Yes. That Night Jess Slept Next To me In My Bed, She Was Small, So She Didn't Need Much Space. She Slept In Just A Tee Shirt and Her Panties. She Was Fit. Very Fit, I Felt Her Back Laying on my chest. Adorable.  I Heard Her Breathe. I Pulled Covers Over Us And Went to sleep.


Claire's P.O.V:

Mkaii. So Niall Just Got to Ireland. A Week Ago. And He HASN'T Called Me. " Hello?" Niall Asked. "Hey Babe, How Was xFactor?" I Asked in my sweet voice. "Claire? What do you want?" Niall Asked. i Was Offended. "What, so apparently i can't call my boyfriend?!" I Asked. " Im  Not Your Boyfriend." Niall Said. " Okay, Im Coming Over In Ten Minutes." I Jumped Into My Car And Drove to Niall's house." Hello Mrs. Horan. Is Niall Here?" I asked.  " Yes Dear, He Has a friend over though." Mrs. Horan Stated. "Thats Fine." I said. i pushed past Mrs.Whore Ann And Uptowards Niall's Room. Niall Was  Writing Something. He Saw Me And Glanced Over To His Bed. There Was A Girl In His Bed Asleep. Woah. "NIALL! YOUR CHEATING ON ME?!?!" The Girl Sat Up. " JESS! YOU SLUT!" I screamed. I Smacked Her Face.  Jess Stood. she Was Wearing Shorts. Hm.. I Wasn't going to stand Niall. "CLAIRE. DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HER!" Niall Shouted. Jess Had A Giant Red Mark on Her Face. Niall Punched Me. I Began To Attack Him When I Heard Police sirens.  Jess Lay On The Floor Passed Out. Hah. Bitch.

Niall's P.O.V:

I Looked Helplessly  At Jess. She Layed  Passed Out In The Hospital Bed. This Is All My Fault. Her Eyes Fluttered Open And She Gasped.

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