Words Cut, Music Speaks

Lacey Payne used to be a straight A student, She used to be like any other 17 year old happy girl but, that was before her brother Liam Payne left. Kayalyn, but everybody calls her Kaya is Lacey's best friend. Kaya has to many secrets to hold. Will they be revealed when 'H' tries to destroy everyone's life. It has been a year since Liam left. When Liam comes home what will he do when he see's that Lacey has changed. Words are the only thing that bring Kaya and Lacey down. When Words Cut Will Their Music Speak.


1. The Words

Lacey's P.O.V

I'm Lacey Payne, Yes I said Payne and yes Liam Payne is my brother. He left last year and I haven't seen him but I've talked to him. To be honest I didn't want to see him, no, wait, I didn't want him to see me. I not the same happy jumpy 17 year old I was last year. Now I'm a hard core badass 18 year old. 

"Lacey honey are you in your room" My mom calls from down stairs.

"yes" I call back.

"your friend is here can I send them up?" My mom asks. I was confused, because, I didn't have any friends.

"send them up" I call. I hear someone walking up the stairs. Then I hear a knock on my door. "come in" I say. 

"hey babe" It was my boyfriend drake. Drake was 21 but my mom thought he was 18 like me. Drake had 9 tattoos all on his arms. My mom didn't know we were going out. she didn't really know a lot about my social life.

"hey babe" I say waking towards him. He pulls my waist close to him and kisses me. If my brother Liam ever found out about Drake he would be furious at me. I kissed Drake back. The kiss soon turned into a very heated one. we finally released the kiss and sat on my bed. 

"can we go out tonight?" Drake asked.

"sorry My Brother is coming home tonight" I say.

"oh" he says a bit disappointed.

"oh but I'll meet you at the park at 11 tonight and we can hang out" I say.

"sure see you there" Drake says then packs me on the lips and leaves. I smiled and got my guitar out. I strummed a few cords and put the guitar back down. Then I get a text....

H: Hi Little Bitch or should I say Huge Bitch because you need to lose weight

 I looked at the text, and It hurt. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. 

"Lacey someone's here to see you" My mom calls.

"who is it now" I call back getting annoyed. then I hear someone walking upstairs I brace myself for who it might be. Then the door bursts open. Liam and 4 boys come running in. They stop in their tracks. 

"Liam I thought you said you sister was a girly girl" A boy with curly brown hair says.

"Lacey?" Liam says.

"yeah" I say.

"what happened to you" He asks walking closer to my. I had Black hair with red tips, 3 piercing on each of my ears, and  I was wearing all black except for shoes and belt. 

"what?" I ask him acting like I'm totally oblivious. 

"Your hair, your ears, the way you dress, EVERYTHING" Liam says. 

"okay" I say. 

"come here" He snaps and grabs my wrist. I wince in pain and pull my wrist back. "Lacey" He says. I hold hold my wrist to my chest. "give me your wrist" He says. I shook my head as a no. "GIVE ME YOUR WRIST"  He yells. I jump back a bit at the anger in his voice. 

"Liam dude calm down" The guy with blonde hair says. Liam looks at The Blonde haired guy.

"I can't calm down I leave for one year and this happens" Liam says with anger in every word.

"Liam let it g-" The guy with a quiff starts to say but Liam interrupts him.

"NO I WILL NOT LET THIS GO SHE NEEDS TO SHOW ME HER WRIST" He yells. I Let a few tears fall from my eyes. I lift up my sleeves and show him the cuts up and down my arms. He gasps along with his friends. "Lacey" Liam says in a soft voice.

"I'm sorry" I say and start to cry. Then I was embraced in a hug. I look up at who it was. Liam. 

"Lacey why?" He asks. 

"word Liam words" I say. He lets me go.

"what do you mean?" He asks.

"nothing" I say quickly. If I say I was being bullied he would go and beat my bully up because the bully is a boy.

One of the boys fake coughs. 

"oh yeah um this is the guys, guys this is Lacey" Liam says. I shyly wave. "that's Niall, That's Harry, That's Zayn, and That's Louis" Liam says. 

"ello" I say. I had a really strong british accent. Then I started breathing really fast. OhNo! It's happening again!

Liam's P.O.V 

Lacey changed from being a girly girl to being a...a... um I don't even know. 

"ello" Lacey said with her heavy british accent. Then she started breathing really fast. OhNo! I say mentally. 

"I can't see" She said still breathing really easy. "Liam " She says. "where am I?" She asks. The boys start freaking out.

"what's happening Liam!" Niall asks panicking. 

"Liam where are you?" Lacey asks. 

"Guys Lacey has these random attacks where she goes knida crazy"  I say.

"Liam get Kaya" Lacey says still breathing really fast. I dialed her number and she picked up. I put it on speaker.

"Hello" Kaya said. 

"Kaya it's happening again" I say.

"Lacey?' Kaya says.

"Yes" I say.

"Okay I'll be their in a bit" Kaya says then hangs up. Kaya lived right next to our house so she would be here in like 3 minutes. 

"Where's Kaya" Lacey asks.

"Lacey" Kaya says walking in the door. "oh Hi" Kaya says to the boys standing behind me.

"Kaya" Lacey said. Kaya walks towards her.

"Lacey" Kaya says "I'm here" Kaya adds says. Kaya closes her eyes and mummbles something and Lacey stops breathing fast. "hanks Kaya" Lacey says.

"No problem Lace" Kaya says. "oh and Hi Liam" Kaya says giving me a hug.

"Is she your girlfriend" Niall says.

"No she's my best friend and I don't have a girl friend" I say.

"Hey I thought we were your best friends!" Harry says.

"Well she knows me more than any one" I say. Kaya sticks her tongue out at the boys. The truth was that me and Kaya were dating but no one knew about it because we knew she would get hate. Lacey didn't even know about it. 

"So now what" Niall asked. 

"You guys get to know Lacey I'm going to go get something to eat" I say. 

"Yeah I have to go home call me if you have any problems" Kaya says giving them each her number. I walked out of the house, Kaya followed me. 

"Aren't you going home?"  I ask.

"Of course not I'm with you babe" She says. We walk on the sidewalk and talk. 

"So are we ever going to tell Lacey?" I ask Kaya.

"No she would kill me" Kaya says. She always hid her face when she was with me so if someone took a picture no one would know it was her. I kissed her lips then saw a flash. SHIT! "no no no no no" Kaya said. "Lacey is going to KILL me" She adds. 

"Let's go back to my house " I say. me and Kaya walk back to my house . We walk in side and I tell Kaya to sit on the couch. I walk up stairs to Lacey's room. When I got to the door I hear Lacey.

"What The Hell" She yells. I open her door. All the boys stare at me then look at the picture then look at me again. How do the paparazzi get this stuff out so fast!

"Oh hey Liam" Harry says.

"Kiss anybody lately?" Niall asked. 

"Lacey I can explain" I say.

"No Just Leave, You Left Me Here Alone, I Had No Friends.I Was Bullied, I Cut, My Life Was Horrible And You Never Even Tried To Call, Not Once" Lacey yells. I flinched at the anger in her voice. I Left the room and went to my old room. I walked in and sat on my bed.

Kaya's P.O.V

I heard Lacey yell. I went upstairs to see Liam's bed room door close. I walk up to Lacey's door and open it. She was crying. 

"um" I said then everyone looks at my, Including Lacey.

"Why were you kissing him?" She asked. Think Kaya Think!

"well you know I'm a very adventurous girl and that I still hadn't had my first kiss, so I decided that, that was the perfect time to have it" I say. LIES! LIES! LIES.

"why couldn't you have kissed one of these guys, Zayn and Harry already said you were cute" Lacey says. I look at Zayn then at Harry. They were both blushing.

"because um......... I don't know but that doesn't matter can we hang out somewhere else other than your house?" I ask .

"we can tomorrow , hey you wanna spend the night?" Lacey asks me. 

"sure, wait are these guys staying here too?" I ask. 

"yeah" Lacey says

"Okay"I say.Then I walk to Liam's room and knock on the door.

"who is it?" He asks. 

"Kaya" I say. Then I hear the door unlock. I open the door. I walk in the door and close it behind me. "LiLi you okay?" I ask Liam.

"Lacey is mad at me" he says. He sounds like he was crying.

"babe it's okay she'll get over it" I say then I kiss him. He smiled at me. "I love you" I say.

"I love you too" Liam says.

Lacey's P.O.V

I wasn't mad at Liam or Kaya because Kaya is a free soul so she would kiss him.

"why did you tell her I liked her?" Harry whined .

"because your to much of a wimp to tell her yourself" I whine back mocking his tone.

"hey I could have told her myself" Zayn says butting into Harry and I's conversation. 

"well you didn't and she likes someone else any way" I say.

"Who?" Zayn and Harry say at the same time. 

"George Shelley from Union J she LOVES him" I say. Everyone laughs, but me. "no guys I wasn't kidding she is obsessed with him she wants to meet him, but she's really insecure about her body so she won't really go anywhere where she has to meet someone she really likes because she's afraid of what they'll say about her." I say.

"oh I think her body is great" Harry says. We all look at him and laugh. "oh did I say that out loud" Harry says blushing. 

"guy's can I tell you something about Kaya, but you can't tell anyone else" I say.

"yeah" Louis said. 

"well Kaya.....Used.....To be bulimic and she used to cut herself, about a week after Liam left, I think on December 4, she cut a little too deep and I found her in her bathroom in a pool of blood, I got her to a hospital and she healed but, I- I'm pretty sure sh-she's still B-B-Bulimic" I say letting a tear fall down my face. Everyone gasps.

"wait did you say a December 4 after Liam left?" Louis asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"wait Liam was really upset that day but he wouldn't tell us why" Niall said. Thar's weird It's not like they're  dating....Are they?

"guy's you don't think they're dating do you" Harry ask.

"No way Kaya couldn't keep a secret if her life depended on it" I say. 

"Oh" Niall says.

Liam's P.O.V 

Me and Kaya were snogging on the bed in my room. Then I hear my phone vibrate. Kaya get's off me and I grab my phone. I had gotten a text with a picture attached. It says...

H: Oh pour Lacey her big brother lying to her. Her best friend being Bulimic. And I know all of the secrets. I would hate if this picture got out. and only with a push of a button all will be reveled.

And their was a picture attached of me and Kaya snogging. I read the text over and over. Kaya's Bulimic! This H person knows all the secrets And H was going to tell Lacey about me and Kaya!

Me: What do I have to do

I send the text.

"what's wrong" Kaya asks seeing the worry in my eyes.

"nothing" I say, then my phone vibrates again.

H: well first I need you to cheat on that little Bulimic bitch Kaya with your Ex.... um......what was her name again...........oh yeah.... Danielle Peazer 

Me: okay 

It really hurt to send that text. 

"Hey Kaya i'll see you later okay" I say giving her a pick on the cheek.

"okay" She says in her normal cheery voice. I left and called Danielle.

"Hello?" She said. 

"Hi Danielle It's Liam" I say.

"oh HI" she says. 

"I was wondering if we could hang out?" I ask her.

"um sure I'll meet you at Starbucks in 30 minutes " She says. 

"I'l be there" I say then Hang up. I didn't want to cheat on Kaya. I loved her more than anything. I started walking to StarBucks.  Once I got there I went inside and sat in a booth. I looked out the window of the shop to see Danielle walking in. I wave and greet her with a hug.

"hey" I say.

"hey" she says back.

"um I've missed you" I say looking at the ground. I didn't want her to see the guilt in my eyes.

"I've missed you too" She says. They I look at her and smash my lips against hers. I see a flash through my eye lids. we release  the kiss.

"I'll call you later" I say and walk out of the shop. I walk back to the house with my head hung low. I felt horrible for cheating on Kaya. I opened the door to house and walk in. he boys are sitting on the couch. Lacey must have been upstairs.

"so you and Danielle are back together?" Niall asks.

"yeah " I say. I went up to my rom Kaya wasn't there. I called her.

"Hello" she says, but not in her cheerful voice. She sounded like she had bee crying.

"Kaya I'm so sorry" I say pleading for forgiveness.

"How could you" She says.

"I'm sorry " I plead again.

" I trusted you and you went and Kissed her your Ex" She replies.

"Kaya" I say.

"you know I actually like on of your Ex's" She says.

"Who?" I as confused.

"Me! because we're through" She yells then Hangs up. I laid in m bed and  stared at the ceiling.

"what have I done" I say to myself. I close my eyes and think about The words

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