Words Cut, Music Speaks

Lacey Payne used to be a straight A student, She used to be like any other 17 year old happy girl but, that was before her brother Liam Payne left. Kayalyn, but everybody calls her Kaya is Lacey's best friend. Kaya has to many secrets to hold. Will they be revealed when 'H' tries to destroy everyone's life. It has been a year since Liam left. When Liam comes home what will he do when he see's that Lacey has changed. Words are the only thing that bring Kaya and Lacey down. When Words Cut Will Their Music Speak.


3. Text's

Lacey's P.O.V

 I Heard someone yelling. It sounded like Kaya but,I ignored. It was 10:30 so I looked down the hall. No one was their. I closed and locked my door and climbed out my window. I walked down the street to the park. It was 11:00 but Drake wasn't their. I sat on a park bench and waited. I looked at my phone, It was 11:45 but I still waited, but I eventually fell asleep.

Zayn's P.O.V

Kaya ran out of the house. I was about to run after her but Harry grabbed my arm.

"let her have some time" He said so I sat back down. I really like Kaya . Niall told me he like Lacey. I mean Lacey is beautiful but Kaya is just.......she's just.........she's something.

Liam's P.O.V

I sat in my bed and cried. Who was H anyway. Why did He or she have to ruin my life. Kaya was the best thing that ever happened to me, you know besides from being in One DIrection. Then my phone Vibrates.

H: Oh Poor Kaya, At least Zayn has his chance with her now. Look at them. Sitting at a Piano. Staring into each others eyes. Practically in Love. <3

 There was a picture attached of Kaya and Zayn sitting at a Piano looking into each others eyes. Zayn likes Kaya? When did that happen? I went to Lacey's room and knocked on the door. She didn't answer.

"Lacey" I called. She still didn't answer. I started to get worried. I ran outside and called her name. No Answer. I walked around. Still no sign of Lacey. I finally went to the park to find Lacey in the middle of the park. I looked at her face. It was all bloody. "Lacey" I say shaking her.

"ow" She groans.

"what happened" I ask.

"um I came here last night to meet someone but, the never came so I sat on that bench" She says pointing To the park bench. " I kinda fell asleep, bUt I was awaken by someone shaking me. It was every dark. The person punched me and kicked me and I passed out" She says.

"come on let's go home" I say trying to help Lacey up.

"no call Kaya she volunteered as a nurse and the Lake View Hospital and I think I'm injured" Lacey says. I dialed Kaya's Number...

"what" She says as she answers.

"Lacey needs you" I say.

"oh where are you guy's?" She asks.

"we're at the park" I say.

"Okay I'll be there" Kaya says then hangs up. I sit on the ground next to Lacey and stroke her back. About 10 minutes later. I see Kaya walking down the street She was in a dress. she never wore dresses!

"Kaya?" Lacey says as Kaya walks toward us.

"Lacey! What Happen?" Kaya asks crouching down next to Lacey.

"that doesn't matter right now. Why are you all dressed up" Lacey asks.

"um I have a date" Kaya says. WHAT! A Date! With Who?

"oooo With who?" Lacey asks raising her eyebrows.

"with um Zayn he called me and asked me out and if you didn't notice he's over there" Kaya says pointing to the slide where Zayn was sitting. " Zayn Come Here" Kaya calls. Zayn gets up and starts walking over. He crouches next to Kaya. "so I don't see anything broken , that's good, only  few bruises on you arm and a few scratches on you face so your fine"Kaya says. Me and Zayn her Lacey up and we all walk to the house. Lacey goes up to bed and Kaya and Zayn go into the kitchen. My mom was in the basement setting up a party the boys and me were having tomorrow Night. I was walking up the stairs when my phone vibrates again.

H: told you Zaya forever <3 so when's the next time you and Danielle are going out so I can be there to take the picture and Kill Kaya even more than I already have

I walk down the stairs and peak into the kitchen. Kaya and Zayn were kissing. Zayn's Hands around Kaya's waist and Kaya's Hands Around Zayn's Neck (shut up she was not strangling him you should know what I mean). They realesed the kiss.

"May I have this Dance" Zayn asks holding out his hand.

"well of course" Kaya says grabbing the hand. They waltzed around the kitchen. "Zayn I don't think we're doing this right" Kaya laughed.

"that doesn't matter" Zayn replied. They both laughed. I trudged upstairs with my head hung low. Kaya Had Found Someone Else.

Lacey's P.O.V

 My head hurt, my body ached, I felt like shit. My phone started to vibrate.

H: poor Lacey, I'm glad I got to see you last night. Oh and Drake is LONG gone right now so don't go looking for him. Drake is bye bye. well see you Emo Bitch

Who the Hell was H anyway. I went to sleep I was scared. I didn't know what was going to happen next. I was awoken by a deafening scream. I jumped out of bed. The my phone vibrated.

H: OH I forgot to tell you I have knives

I read the text then ran down stairs.

"what happened" I yell running into the living room. Kaya was crying and the boys were freaking out.

"some person ran into the house and stabbed Louis then ran out" Harry says.

"Kaya can you help him?" I ask Kaya franticly.

"I can't" She whispers.

"you what?" I ask.

" I CAN'T " She screams and runs out of the house.

"guys we have to get him to a hospital" I say. Liam came down stairs and gasped.

"what happened?" He asked.

"we'll tell you at the hospital" I say. Harry calls 911 and an ambulance comes. They take Louis away.The boys went with Louis but I had to go see what was up with Kaya. I opened her front door and walked in. The sound of someone playing a piano filled the air. I went up stairs to Kaya's room to see her playing her piano. "Kaya" I say. She stopped playing the Piano and looked at me.

"Hi Lacey" She said with a half smile.

"are you okay?" I ask her.

"look Lacey I'm sorry for yelling at you, your my best friend and I shouldn't have yelled" She says. I smile and walk over to her and sit next to her at the piano.

"so you want to go see if Louis okay?" I ask her.

"yeah" She says and we walk outside.

"I'll call Liam" I say.

***************PHONE CELL*************

Liam: Hello

Me:Hey can you come and pick up me and Kaya from her house?

Liam: sure I'll be there in a bit

Me: okay bye

Then I hung up. Me and Kaya sat on the curb. I met Kaya in 9th grade When we were partnered up for a project. She was a popular and I was a nerd. I was doing an equation and I messed up a part and Kaya fixed it. I though she was just another stupid popular but she was actually really smart and after the project we started talking in school and we've been friends ever since.

"Lacey did Liam ever tell you anything?" Kaya asked trying to sound casual.

"no why" I say confused.

"never mind" she says.

"no Kaya tell me" I say.

" I said never mind" Kaya says.

"come on" I whine.

"no" Kaya says getting aggravated. I just stopped talking. Then Liam pulled up in his car. Kaya sat in the back while I sat in the passenger seat.

"Is Louis okay?" I ask.

"yeah He's fine he just needs rest" Liam says. SHould I tell him about H. No! He'll get too worried.

"so Kaya you and Zayn have been getting close are you guys dating?" I ask Kaya.

"well Yeah were going out" Kaya says.

"aw you guys are so cute together" I cheer.

"yeah" Kaya says. We get to the hospital and go to Louis room. Louis was awake.

"I'm so glad your okay" I say.

"I am too" Louis says. Kaya went oer to Zayn and he hugged her.

"So Zayn is she your girlfriend now?" Niall asks.

"Yeah I guess" Zayn says.

"so cute" I say.

"yeah" Kaya says. Zayn sits in a chair and Kaya sits in his lap. I looked over at Liam. Liam was staring at Kaya and Zayn with a sad expression on his face. I walked over to Liam.

"Are You okay" I ask him.

"yeah I'm fine" He says, But I knew something was up.

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