Words Cut, Music Speaks

Lacey Payne used to be a straight A student, She used to be like any other 17 year old happy girl but, that was before her brother Liam Payne left. Kayalyn, but everybody calls her Kaya is Lacey's best friend. Kaya has to many secrets to hold. Will they be revealed when 'H' tries to destroy everyone's life. It has been a year since Liam left. When Liam comes home what will he do when he see's that Lacey has changed. Words are the only thing that bring Kaya and Lacey down. When Words Cut Will Their Music Speak.


2. Music

Lacey's P.O.V 

I grabbed my guitar from its stand and went into, what I like to call my 'personal recording room'. I went in the room and started to strum and sing 'One Thing.'

I've tried playing it cool

but when I'm looking at you

I can't ever be brave

cause you make my heart race

Shot me out of the sky you're my kryptonite 

you keep making me weak yeah

frozen and can't breathe

Something's gotta give now

cause I'm  dying just to make you say

that I need you here with me now

cause you've got that One Thing

I look up to see Louis standing on the other side of the glass recording room. He waved and said.

"you're a great singer" into the mic. I smile and mouth 'thank you' back to him. "may I come in?" He asks. I nod my head. He opens the door and comes in the room.

"this is my private recording area in hear" I say.

"this is cool" He says. "yyou want to record a song with me?" He asks. 

"sure how about....... 'She's Not Afraid ' " I suggest.

"sure" He says. I start to strum my guitar and start singing.

she sneaks out i the middle of the night yeah

tight dress with the top cut low

she addicted to the feeling never letting go

let it go

I sing Then Louis starts and I stop.

She walks in and The room just lights up

Buy she don't want anyone to know

That I'm the only one who gets to take her home, take her home

Then He stops and I start singing again

But every time I tell her that I want more she closes the door

The we start singing together.

She's Not afraid of all the attention 

she's not afraid of running wild

but how come she so afraid of falling in love 

she's not afraid of scary movies

she likes the way we kiss in the dark 

but she's so afraid of f-f-faling in love

We both stop singing. I stop playing my guitar. our faces were so close. I leaned forward and started kissing him. He pulls my waist towards him. I run my hands trough his hair. wait wait wait! Lacey! You! Have! A! Boyfriend! this isn't right! oh well! I think to my self. His tongue entered my mouth and our tongues danced together. We were in my recording room making out. What if someone saw us?!? He took off his shirt and I put my hands on his toned abs. They were rock hard! Hot! I was wearing a button up shirt. I started unbuttoning my shirt.. I unbutton the last button and Louis starts pulling the shirt off.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE" Someone yells. I back away from Louis and look to the area the yelling was coming from. Shit! It was Liam.

"um" I say. I look at Liam in the eyes then I look at the floor.

"WELL TELL ME" He yells. 

"I'm sorry" I say to Liam. Then Liam stomps out of the room.

"Lacey I'm so sorry" Louis says with his head low. I button up my shirt and run after Liam. I went to his room. He wasn't their. I sat on his bed and started to cry.

Kaya's P.O.V

I sat in my bathroom sticking my finger down my throat, throwing up everything in my stomach. I flushed all the Vomit down the toilet and got a razor and cut 3 slits into my wrist. I washed the cuts and went to my room. I sat on the bed and cried. I couldn't take in anymore. I just wanted to Die. I walked over to my Piano and started to play 'They don't know about us'. I cried through every key. Once the song was cone I slammed my hands on the keys making a thundery sound.

"What did I do" I yell. I lived alone since both of my parents died. I got out my Songbook/Diary out and wrote in it...

Dear Diary,

I Hate life. I wish I could end my life. On this day in history Liam payne Cheated on me with Danielle Peazer. Well that's all for today Hopefully I'll find someone that love me and won't cheat on my. BYE!

I closed my Songbook/Diary and put it under my pillow. I looked in the mirror. My mascara was running my hair was a mess. I looked horrible . I took a shower and walked out side. I sat on the curb and put my head in my knees and cried. 

"hello" Someone said. I looked up to see Zayn.

"oh HI " I say wiping away the tears quickly.

"are you okay?" He asks. 

"Yeah" I say sniffling. He looks at me.

"come on We're going on a walk" Zayn says taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. I smile. We start walking. "So why were you crying?" He asks.

"I'm going to tell you this and you can't tell anyone else okay" I say looking at him.

"okay" He says.

"well I was secretly dating Liam and he went and cheated on my with Danielle and we broke up" I say tears forming in my eyes.

"oh I'm sorry" He says.

"yeah" I say starting to cry. He put his arm around me and squeezed me.

"well if I was your boyfriend I would never do that to you" He says. I looked him in his eyes. I was a really short girl, so I had to look up to look in his eyes.

"thanks" I say. "um can I ask you wait never mind" I start to say but stop.

"no ask you don't have to be afraid" Zayn says.

"well um is it true that you like me?" I ask him looking at the ground.

"um well um I um yes" He says with a sigh.

"why would  you like me I'm fat, ugly, and celebrity like you just can't like a girl like me?" OI ask.

" your not fat or ugly your perfect the way you are and I like you because your you and nobody can change that" he says.We keep walking until we get back to my house. We walk inside and Zayn decides to all Liam.

******PHONE CALL************

L: Hello?

Z: Dude why'd you do it?

L: Do what?

Z: Don't play dumb with me Liam!

L; Cause I was being blackmailed by some person named H

Z: LIES! That is the worst excuse ever.

L: I'm not lying! I'm serious!

K: That sounds like some pretty little liars shit!

L: I'm Not Lying!

K: Goodbye Liam.

*********End Call*******

How could he! First he cheats then makes up an excuse, and not even a good one at that. I loved him and he had the nerve to lie to me. We went  up to my room and sat on my bed.

"You can play piano?" Zayn asks looking at the Piano then at me.

"yeah but I get frustrated too easily to play for that long" I say.

"will you play for me?" Zayn asks.

"ugh sure" I say standing up and walking over to the piano. I sit on the bench in front of the Piano and Zayn slips next to me. I start playing and singing 'They Don't Know About Us.'

People say we shouldn't be together

we're to young to know about forever

well I say that they don't know what they talk talk talkin about

cause this love is only getting stronger

and I don't wanna wait any longer

I just wanna tell the world

that your mine girl

They don't know about the things we do

they don't know about the I Love You's

but I bet you if they only knew

they would just be jealous of us

they don't know about the up all night's

they don't know I've waited all my life

just to find a love that feels this right

baby they don't know about

they don't know about us

I stopped singing and playing.

"your a good singer and a good piano player" Zayn says.

"thanks" I say blushing. Then my phone starts to ring. I look at the contact. It was Liam.... I answered it.

**********PHONE CALL***************

K: What?

L: I'm so sorry Kaya, I never meant to hurt you.

K: Save your shit for someone who cares.

L: Just give me time to explain.

K: NO Liam you shouldn't have to explain anything. You obviously meant to kiss Danielle.

L: It was obviously a set up. I Love You

K: Fine I'll give you 5 minutes to explain yourself

L: Thank you. No catch? That's New.

K: But-

L: There's the catch

K You have to tell Lacey everything.


K: Bye.

L: Wait but-

********End Call*********

"Zayn I'm going to Lacey's house for a bit Liam has some explaining to do"I say grabbing my bag.

" I"M COMING WITH YOU!!" Zayn yells running down the stairs. He trips on the last stair and falls. We both start laughing. We walk next door and walked in.

" You don't knock?" Zayn asks.

" No. Why should I?" He chuckles to himself and walks in.

"I"M HOME!" I yell as I walk to the kitchen to see Niall eating. No surprise there. Liam walks in and leads me to his room. We sit down on his bed.

"Look Kaya, I LOVE YOU! I would never ever ever cheat without a good reason."

" WHO THE FUCK HAS A REASON FOR CHEATING!" Niall sticks his head in the door.

"Do you have any sugar cookies?" He asks.

"NIALL LEAVE!" Liam and I say together. Niall sticks his tongue out and leaves.

 "look" Liam says showing me something on his phone. It was a text. I read the texts. 

"oh" I say.

"can I ask you two questions?" Liam asks. I nod my head as in 'yes'. "why are you Bulimic?" He asks. Tears stung my eyes.  

"because I'm fat and ugly. everyone hates me " I cried. Liam hugs me.

"Your not fat or Ugly your beautiful and Nobody hates you" He says hugging me tighter.  "do you forgive me?" He asks. I wanted to forgive him, I really did, but something was telling me I needed time.

"I forgive you but, I need time" I say.

'time for what?" He asks.

"I need time from us" I say looking away from him.

"what" He asks.

"bye Liam" I say standing up. I was about to walk out of the door when Liam grabs my wrist, My cut wrist. It hurt like hell. I screamed and pulled my wrist away. I run down stairs and out the door. I walked back home and went to my songbook/Diary. I titled the Page 'Same Mistakes' and started writing a song

Circles, we're going in circles

Dizzie's all it make's

we know were it takes us we've been before

closer, maybe looking closer

There's more to discover

Find out what went wrong without blaming each other 

I stopped writing because it hurt to much. I took the Songbook/Diary with me to the Piano. I wrote a tune to the song. I loved making music it was my escape from the outside world. I realize now why I couldn't get back together with Liam. I Love Liam And Zayn........

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