Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


7. Why?



I walk downstairs not caring to change.  "I miss Danielle"  Liam muttered.  Was I not good enough for him?   Lightning striked and it started raining.  I ran into our room and slammed the door.   "Electra open up"  Liam said.  I let him in.  I sat on the bed.  "Im sorry I didnt mean it just I have not gotten over her yet."  he explained.  I turned away.  He lifted up my chin and whispered "Im sorry" I nodded. "One more question why did it start storming when you got mad" NO!  "Urr um... I'm mother nature."  He stared at me.  He nodded.  I walked out,  "Guys I'm mother nature"  Everybody was staring at me and they nodded speechless.  It got sunny out.  I took  bit out of my bacon.  Niall came up and hugged me.  "I am glad your so honest to us." Niall said.

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