Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


8. That day



  I walked into the dance studio in the house.  I turned on Rock me and danced in the middle of the dance the music turned off.  I turned around and Zayn and Niall were standing there.  "Um.. hey  guys"  I stuttered.  They walked up to me. "Your really good"  They said.  I looked down and blushed.   Niall took my hand as I grabbed my Iphone.  We walked out to see soup sitting on the counter.  We all ate.  I walked in the living room and Zayn and Nialler walked in after me.  "Your girlfriend is an awesome dancer"  Zayn said.  I hid my face in Liam's chest and he said "You dance?" "Yup" I replied.  "Let us see!!!!!!"  Lou exclaimed.  I led them to the studio and turned on C'mon C'mon.  I started dancing and turned around.  Their jaws dropped and they muttered "Your great" I smiled.  "Thanks"  We ran into the living room and jumped on the couch at the same time.  "OwWw" I yelped as they all jumped on top of me.  "Sorry" Lou said "It's okay Lou".  "So we have a couple interviews over our break"  Harry said.  I nodded.  "Every once in a blue moon"  Lou added on trying to act smart.  El chuckled.  Liam took my hand and led me into the garden.   "I love you more than any thing."  Liam whispered.  "I love you too more than any thing."  We kissed and walked back in.  "Hey guys we saw that whole thing"  Harry said.  Me and Liam blushed and sat down.  Me and Harry walked outside in our pajamas and got the mail.  "Niall want to go running with me?" I asked "Sure" he replied.  I got on a short sleeve shirt and yoga pants and a sweat shirt.  I walked out and saw Nialler was ready.  We both put on sneakers and walked down the drive way.  A couple of fans noticed us and started pointing but we just kept running.  "So yeah I was just like what and thats how it happened."  Niall said.  "Wow interesting story" I chuckled.  We were home after a long long long run.  We looked at the dinner table and there was salad and as I was eating with the boys and El I said "Onesie sleep over in the living room" I stuck out my bottom lip.  "YEAH!" they all chanted.  I ran to me and Liam's room and changed into my onesie when I walked out everybody was in there onesie.  I ran in to the living room and turned on Toy Story.  Liam's eyes were glued to the screen.  I didn't want to disturb Liam so I  played with Niall's zipper.  It was 9 and I fell asleep on Niall's shoulders.  Before I went to sleep  I kissed Liam.

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