Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


11. Liam's Parents *LONG*



We got home after 3 hours of driving.    All of us walked in the house  and Lou picked up the phone.  He dialed a random number.  "Hello you have ordered an elephant from the zoo you will get him in 3 days."  And he hung up.  We all burst out laughing.  "Anybody want lunch?"  I said.  "Yeah!!!" They cheered.  "Liam wanna come with me?"  I said. He nodded.  We walk out and got in my car.  I pulled out of the driveway.    "So babe,  do you wanna go to Mcdonalds?" I said while holding and his hand.  "Yeah buddy!!" Liam exclaimed.  "I love you" I said "I love you to babe" he replied.    We pulled into the drive through.   "Hi I would like 8 adult cheeseburgers 8 medium fries and 8 cokes please."  I said.  "Ok pull up to the first window please." The girl said.  We pulled up and waited for a couple minutes. "Here you go 40 dollars please."  The girl said.  "Here you go" I said as I handed her the money.  "Thank you have a nice day."  She said as I pulled away.   Me and Liam arrived at the house we set the two bags and drinks on the table.  "Food!!!!!!!! Niall I got you two of cheeseburgers,cokes, and fries!!" I screamed.  Everyone darted in the kitchen.  I grabbed fries and a cheeseburger and grabbed my coke.  I ate my stuff then went into my bedroom for a nap.  3 hours later I woke up.  I went downstairs to see Zayn in the kitchen.  "So we are going on tour after Christmas?"  I asked.  "Yes and we are going Canada first!"  He exclaimed. I nodded.  "Can you call the pizza place for me please? I have to use the bathroom." He asked. "Sure" I said as I got the phone and dialed the number.  "Hello um I would like 2 large pizzas please." I said. "Ok you will get your pizza in 30 minutes or its free" The man said.  Zayn came out of the bathroom.   The boys came down the stairs and sat on the couch.  RING! RING! I answered the house phone.  "Hello" I said.  "Hi um is Harry there this is his mum" She said. "Yeah I can get him but first I have to introduce myself I'm Electra and I am Liam's girlfriend." "Oh, you are so lucky Liam is very responsible and caring. I am Ann" "Nice to meet you here is Harry" I said handing the phone to Harry.  "It is your mum" I said.  DING! DONG! Our doorbell went.  I opened the door to see a short girl with blonde medium length hair.  "Hi 10 dollars please" She said handing me the pizza I payed her and closed the door.  "Pizza!!!"  I said as I set it on the table.  Niall stared at the two big boxes.  "I LOVE YOU!!" he exclaimed shoving pizza in his mouth.      I chuckled and took a piece.  "Did you guys get the mail yet?"  I asked.  "No"  They said while their eyes were glued to the tv.  I walked outside as it started snowing.  It was really cold.    I went in and ate my pizza.  Later the boys carried me outside.  "ITS FREEEEEEEZING!!" I screamed.  "DONT YOU DARE" I yelled at them while my body was right over the ice cold pool.  They dropped me and I caught Liam's shirt,  I pulled him in too.  We got out with our teeth chattering and threw snow balls at the boys and El.  We ran inside and huddled together.  I got a huge towel for me and Liam.  I kissed him and got my pajamas, I walked into the bathroom.  I changed into a purple long sleeve shirt with a pink bow with pink and purple polka dotted pants.  I put my  hair in a pony tail.  Liam went in the bathroom after me.  I walked downstairs. I grabbed my book and put it in the suitcase.  I grabbed some clothes, my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, iphone,  and my book.  I put them all in the suitcase and grabbed some shoes.  I layed down in bed waiting for Liam.  He walked in and packed.  He layed down yawning.  I drifted off dreaming peacefully.  I woke up to Liam kissing me. "Hi babe!" I exclaimed. "Hello love"   I jumped up and ran to the bathroom.  I got in the shower washing my hair, and body.  I got out covering myself with a towel.  I ran outside, and opened my walk in closet.   "This or this" I whispered to myself looking at the dresses,  I decided 5 minutes later on a long sleeve electric blue dress.  It was casual because it was knee length.  I wanted to make a good impression.  I grabbed my white flats and ran back to the bathroom.   I slipped on the dress admiring it in the mirror and curled the tips of my hair.  I slipped on my flats running downstairs.  




I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.  "Hey" I said.  "Hi" She says giving me a peck on the lips.   "DING DONG!"  Electra jogs to the door.  She opens it and Josh walks in.  "Hey man" Josh says.  "Hey" I say.   "I'm Electra" Electra says shaking his hand. "Josh" He says.  Niall comes running down the stairs.  "Hey guys can Josh stay here while your gone?" Niall said with a puppy dog face.  "Are you okay with this?" Electra whispers in my ear. I nod.  "Sure" We both say at the same time.  "Thanks your the best!" Niall exclaims.  "Wait Niall!"  Electra calls.  "Yeah?" He says.  "Tell the boys to come down here."  She says. 5 minutes later all the boys and El are down here.  "So, we are gonna be at my parents for a week, so Niall, Eleanor, Zayn, and Josh you will be in charge." I exclaimed.  They nod and go their own ways.




Me and Josh walk up stairs to my room.  "Hey Niall do you have a crush on her."  Josh asked.   "Nah shes pretty and all but I don't we are really close friends" I said truthfully.




"Bye everyone!!!!" I exclaimed as we walked out the door.  I put my suitcase in the trunk and we got going.  


We arrived after 30 minutes of driving.  I hopped out of the passenger seat.  Liam opened the door for me.  "Mum? Dad?" He called.  "Hi Liam, and you must be Electra.  I'm Karen" Liam's mom said shaking my hand.  "Hello, I'm Geoff nice to meet you" Liam's dad greeted and smiled.  "Hi I'm Ruth" Ruth said and smiled.  "Hi I'm Nicola nice to meet you" Nicola said.  "Nice to meet you all!" I exclaimed.  We walked past them to unpack.  "Oh my god-"  Electra stuttered.  "Your room is so big." I said admiring it.  

After we unpacked, we went to the family room.  It was 12:04.  "Electra is so pretty" I heard coming from Nicola and Ruth's room.  I smiled.  I got up from the couch and walked to Nicola and Ruth's room.  "Hey guys,  do you wanna watch Pitch Perfect with me and Liam?" I asked them.  "Sure!" They exclaimed.  The three of us walked to the couch and sat with Liam.  Liam got up and popped the movie in the thing and pressed play.  When it got to the auditions and the cup song I paused it.  "Hey guys we are going food shopping." Karen called.  "Liam can you please get a cup please." I asked.  He brings it to me.  "I can do the cup song" I say.   I do the routine two times and sing. "I got my ticket for the long way run.  Two bottles of whiskey for the way.  And I sure would like some sweet company.  And I'm leaving tomorrow, what'dya say"  "When I'm gone, when I'm gone. Your gonna miss me when I'm gone."  "Your gonna miss me by my hair, your gonna miss me everywhere, oh.  Your gonna miss me when I'm gone"  I do the routine four times. "I got my ticket for the long way run.  The one with the prettiest of view. It's got mountains, it's got rivers.  It's got sights that make you shiver.  But it sure would be prettier with you"  "When I'm gone, when I'm gone. Your gonna miss me when I'm gone." "Your gonna miss me by my walk. Your gonna miss me by my talk, oh. Your gonna miss me when I'm gone." I sang.  "Wow, I never knew you could sing." Liam said in shock. I shrugged. "Can you please teach me!"  Nicola and Ruth exclaimed.  I wrote it down:


                                                                                     CUP SONG


Clap 2 times

Tap 3 times on cup or table

Lift up with right hand

Put it down


Turn cup over so its upside down

Put your right hand on your left side of the cup

Turn cup over on the right side of your hand

Repeat over and over


They tried it a couple times and got it.  I unpaused the movie.  

The movie ended and we just talked.  We just realized that we forgot to eat lunch.  By the way Liam's parents are home now.     Liam made us sandwiches.  "Thank you" I said as he handed me it.  Yum!  "You make one mean sandwich"  Nicola stole the words right out of my mouth.  I then got a text from Eleanor.  

El :) :  Hey, how is it going?  Do u like Liam's fam?

Me:  Hey,  it is going great.  Liam's family is so nice!  How are the Lou and Harry?

El :) : Still their naughty selfs, lolz.  

Me: Lol, okay gotta go bye!

El :) : Bye have fun!




"El?" I call.  "Yeah?"  She says walking into my our bedroom.  "I'm going shopping, I just feel like it" I say.  "Ok bye!"  She says kissing me as I grab my jacket and walk out the door. "Bye" I say kissing her.

I arrive at the mall and I hop out of the car.  I put on my beanie and sunglasses.  I walk into a clothes store.  I decide to get more suspenders, jeans and t-shirts.  Walking out I wasn't watching where I was going I bumped into a girl.  "Sorry" I say.  My glasses fell off.  "It's ok do you wanna come over my house later?" She flirted.  "Um, no.  I have a girlfriend" I say.  "Fine have it your way, your loss." She says walking away.  "Ew" I mumble to myself.  I walk into a flower store just getting flowers for El.  I love her so much. 

When I arrive home I tell El the whole story.  She kissed me.  "Your so sweet" She says.  I pull the flowers from behind my back.  "Just because I love you" I said.  "Awwwwwwwwwwww"  Harry said in a girly voice.  I burst out laughing.




"How about we all go to an ice cream place?" I say in the mood for ice cream.  "Sure" Ruth said.  I grabbed my white jacket and put it on.  We drove around a bit and found an ice cream place.  It was a cozy little shop with not that many people so we really didn't have to deal with fans.  The walls were painted purple and the floor was white and purple striped carpeting.  "Hello, what flavors?"  The girl asked.  "Strawberry cheesecake icecream please."  I said. "Large, small, or medium?" She asked. "Medium."  "Well Liam, since you are a celebrity you and who ever is with you gets a discount." She explained.  It ended up being 4 dollars total. I got strawberry cheesecake icecream.  Liam got chocolate.  Ruth got cookies and cream, and Nicola got banana icecream. My phone rings.  I get up from the table and go into the bathroom.  "Hello" I said.  "Hi" "Hi Nialler!!!!" I exclaim.  "Hi Electra!!!!" He exclaims.  "I missed you so much, so how is everyone?" I asked.  "Good and I missed you too" He said.  "Wait Josh says hi- Hi!!!!!" Josh cuts him off.  "Hi!" I say.  "You are going to be back for your birthday right?"  Niall asks.  "Yeah who else would I spend it with?" I said.  Nicola walks into the bathroom.  "Hey we are leaving." She said and mouthed 'who is that?' 'Niall' I mouthed back.  "Ok Niall I have to go, bye love ya!" "Ok bye love ya too girlfriend!" Niall said like a girl.  I walked out of the bathroom.  "Who were you talking too?" Liam asked.  "Niall and Josh,  Niall missed his best friend" I said.  "I'm so glad you and Niall are best friends I mean he is a really nice guy" Liam said.  We walked home as the sun set. "Ugh, it must be dinner but I'm still hungry!"  Liam said.  We walked in the door to the tv blasting 'The Harlem Shake'.  


Later, after we played soccer, Me and Nicola on one team, Ruth and Liam on the other. 4 to 2, We won! Anyway, we ate dinner.  Liam's dad was a really good cook.  We hung out most of the night.

I woke up to the sound of the peaceful sound of birds chirping.  I walked downstairs to see Liam's mom standing there, "Good morning!" I singed.  I was always a morning person.  "Hi hun, did you sleep good?"  I nodded my head,  "So anyway", she continued.  "Me and Geoff wanted to spend a day with Liam, just to catch up on things, so I thought you and the girls could go to the mall and have some fun girl time? If thats okay with you, its your decision."  Karen questioned. "Sure, that sounds really fun, they seem to really liked me."  I said in excitement. "Well, I'm sure they do because, Liam is really lucky to have you, your a lovely girl!"  I blushed. "Thank you, that means a lot!" I said.  She feels like my second mom.




After my talk with Electra, I was happy for Liam.  Danielle and Geoff didn't get along to well.  I'm not claiming Danielle is a bad person, she was a sweet girl.  The smell of burning bacon woke me from my thoughts.  Electra looked up from her phone.  "Do you need any help?  I feel bad just sitting here and being lazy!" She smiled.  "Sure, thank you, I could always use an extra hand" I said, that was really sweet.  "Its no problem, I love to help"  



Heyyyyy!!! Um, in case your wondering if i like danielle... SHES AWESOME!!!  She is an inspiration to me and i respect her!! It is just part of the story!!! Xx :)


I flipped the bacon and it made a sizzling sound,  I flipped a couple more pieces and they were done!!  I put eggs bacon and a muffin on the maroon plate and handed it to Electra.  Geoff hurried down the stairs with his suit on, ready for work.  "Sweetie, I'm late, can you hand me a muffin please? I love you bye" He kissed me and jogged out the door.  His engine started and he sped off.  I grabbed a green plate for myself and leaned against the counter as Ruth stumbled down the stairs.  "Food!!" She moaned and ran to it.  Me and Electra giggled.  Electra walked over to the cabinet and got Ruth the food.  




Everybody was eating so I decided to change out of my grey t-shirt and white pajama pants with tiny strawberries on them.  I changed into a plain yellow long-sleeve shirt and grey jeans, I brushed my shiny blond hair and put it in a pony tail.  I put a grey bow in my hair.  I mixed some grey and black eyeshadow and applied it two both of my eyes.  I applied some glitter trying not to cry.  I put on mascara, then perfume and grabbed my yellow Uggs.  It was 11:57 so I checked on the girls.  "Are you guys ready?" I said as I walked into their room, to see them grabbing their shoes.  "Yup"  We walked to my car and I started it.  It was a fun car ride, we sang along to the radio.  I pulled into the parking lot and the girls unbuckled their seat belts.I LOVE THE MALL!  We all decided to go to Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Charming Charlie.  "Forever 21!" I squealed as I walked into the store.  My eye shoot straight towards a green shirt with gems on the collar.  "Fifteen bucks hmm.." I said.  I went to the rack as the girls spread to various places in the store.  I took my size and looked, rack to rack.  

Later, me and the girls were done in Forever 21, so we went and paid.  I got two pairs of leggings and one pair of jeans.  I also had three shirts.  Nicola had four shirts, some earrings, 2 pairs of jeans, and some leggings.  Ruth had boots, two shirts, three pairs of jeans, and one pair of leggings.  Next we went to Charming Charlie we looked at the shelfs and racks of accessories.  We paid and looked in our bags, I got a diamond bracelet, a scarf,a new wallet, and some earrings.  Ruth got a watch,  a bag, and necklace.  Nicola got a belt, some bangles, a ring, an infinity necklace, and a scarf.  We walked to Charlotte Russe, we raided the racks.  We paid for the last time.  We each got some jeans and leggings.  We all got cool types of shirts, Lace, denim, silk, or just a t-shirt with gems.  We dragged our bags to the food court and I got what they wanted as they got seats for us.  I brought the tacos to them.  Another thing I love is ..... taco bell!  We talked like best friends!  

After our long day, I got a bunch of hangers and hung my clothes up in Liam's walk in closet.  Liam walked in.  "Did you have fun?" He asked.  "To much!" I exclaimed.  I kissed his cheek as I got out my book that I brought.  'Clara walked outside to see a surprise.'  I stopped at the end of that sentence. I have been reading for an hour and we got home at two.  I am enjoying here, Liam's parents and my parents would get along great!  Of course it has been sunny!  I then got a knock on the door.  "Come in!"  I called.  Liam walked in with a smile on his face.  "Babe! Guess what? We are going out to dinner!" He exclaimed.  "Oh! Yay!  It will be nice!" I said.  "Do I have to change?"  I asked in hope I didn't.  "No, but don't worry you always look perfect!"  I blushed a dark shade of red.  We sat on the bed.  "Do you have an open room where I could dance?" I asked.  "I do its a storage room, it is pretty spacious/big and we don't even use it." Liam said.  "Ok, I am going to use it tomorrow" I said and spoke again.  "Can I clean your room, you are pretty clean but I am the master of cleaning"  I begged, getting on my knees.  "Ok, call me in when your done, princess!" He called walking out the door and closing it behind him.  He never called princess, but I like it.

I walked into his closet and saw a couple of shirts fell from their hanger.  I picked them up, straightened them and hung them up.  I took out his trash.  I fixed the books on his bookshelf sticking out.  I made his bed.  And other stuff, compared to the boys rooms, his is NOT bad AT ALL.  "Liam!"  He comes in and says, "It looks better! Thank you love,  now come on we are going!"  I grabbed my wallet and phone and walked out with everyone.  "Um me and your dad are taking a another car, you bring Electra, Ruth, and Nicola."  Karen said to Liam.  Liam nodded and jogged to his car.  I climbed into the passenger seat and buckled my seatbelt.  I went on instagram and posted a pic of me and the girls saying, 'hangin wit da payne sistas #payne #swagg'  I then suddenly got a text.  

~ Text convo ~


Zayn:  Hey guess what!!!!!!

Me: Hi Zayn and what??!!

Zayn:  So you know how me and Perrie broke up?          (In the story)

Me: Yeah it was really bad, people made up rumors that you cheated on her

Zayn:  Yup, but this is good news..... WE GOT BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!

Me: YAY! Thats great!! Im telling Liam!!!!!!

Zayn: Okayyy byeee

Me: Bye zaynie

~ END ~

"LI LI!!" I exclaim.  "Yes?!" He asked, worried.  "Perrie and Zayn got back together!!!" "Thats great!" He says back.  I called Zayn.  "Hey" I say.  "Hi, um do you want to meet Perrie?"  "Yeah sure, I looked her up and shes beautiful!" I heard a girl voice giggling.  "Hello?" Perrie asks.  "Hi, I'm Electra!" I greet. "Perrie nice to meet you"  "Well, I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you in person. I'm here with Liam's parents for a week, now five days."  "It's fine, I totally understand and by the way,  you and Liam are too cute together!"  "Aw thanks you and Zayn are too!  We will be great friends,  and I'm guessing your friends with Eleanor!" "Yes I am, god that girl is so sweet, well I have to go Harry made everyone dinner" "Ok nice meeting you bye!" "You too, bye!"  I hung up as Liam pulled into a parking lot.  I got out and shut the car door.  A couple fans stared at Liam and came up, but I didn't mind.  They didn't give me dirty looks, they actually asked for MY autograph.  We got seated as my phone buzzed.  Unknown number. 'Hey Electra its Josh,  just wanted to say hi!'  'Well hi! Well I gotta go but I'll talk to you later' 'Ok bye :)' 'Bye :)'  

In two minutes, the waitress walked over.  "Hello!  I'm Melissa, and I will be taking care of you guys.  Can I start you off with some drinks?" She asked looking at everyone.  She scribbled the orders down,  "I'll be right back with those!"  And with that she hurried off to another table.  "So, Electra you dance?"  Geoff asked impressed.  "Yup, ballet and hip hop, can I practice in the storage room tomorrow?  That is if you don't mind." "Well sure,  it is big enough and we don't use it." Karen finished.  Our drinks came and I reached for my rootbeer and took a sip.   

We talked about everything and we got our food. "Originally, it was a dance room so it has the proper floors but we thought we would use a storage room, but I guess we dont really need it.  There is nothing in there and it has the bars for ballet, it has a stand in the corner to but your phone on to play the music or there is a speaker, to hook your phone up."  Karen explained. 

It was the next morning and it was 6 am, nobody was up, I got my tights and then my leotard.  I got on some shorts and put my hair in a messy bun.  I grabbed my shoes and headed for the dance room.  It was well heated and had 2 small windows giving off some light I'm sure when it gets later in the morning.  I flipped the switch and the lights turned on.  I put on my point shoes and got started. The door was sound proof so I didn't have to worry about anyone waking up.  I decided to call my dance teacher, she woke up early and had 5 am classes and no classes today.  I got my laptop and video chatted her. "Sup Electra!  I have seen your dating Liam Payne!! Congrats!  Anyway lets get working."   "Remember the combo we were working on?" "Yeah"  I turned on the music and lost myself.  Then we started with hip-hop.

The last three days were great, and quite normal, Liam's family is pretty close.  Noon today we are leaving and going back home. Me and Liam have just finished packing, and we have two hours until we leave.  As a family, all of us sat on the couch.  It was cold outside, and you guys know why, because I'm cold.  We watched a movie but I fell asleep in Liam's arms.  

Now we are home.

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