Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


5. Kinda Normal day



I wake up cuddled up next to Liam and I stand up I fall because I forgot about my ankle.  I scream and Liam wakes up and  Louis and Eleanor dart in her.  "Ow"  I say as I try to stand up and I fail.  Of course,  Liam picks me up and El gets my crutches I thank them.   Liam help me put on a green top and white and green polka dotted jeans.  I brushed my hair, and teeth, and put on my makeup.  I left my hair down.   Liam carried me down the stairs as I pouted.  Niall carried down my crutches and Liam put me down with my crutches.  I stood up and stole a piece of Niallers bacon he just got.  He chased me around the kitchen, and tackled me down.  "Never steal Niallers food" He said.  He held out his hand then I got up and kissed his cheek.  Liam went and got a pillow and threw it at me "I want a kiss" he pouted.  I crushed my lips against his and he backed away smiling.  I grabbed some eggs and bacon and ate.  The sun was shining cause I was so happy. I dont know why.....  Anyway we walked into the living room and I bumped into Zayn, AWKWARD.  "Sorry babe" he said in his charming accent.  I nodded and sat on the couch.  Liam sat on my lap and I screamed "LIAM OMG LIAMMMMMMMMMMMMM OWWWWWWW YOUR CRUSHING MEEEE"  "Sorry didnt see you there love" he said innocently.  They were watching Scream and I was snuggled into Liams chest and Niall was rubbing my back.  Louis screamed.  I screamed.  I was literally crushing Liams rib.  God, I am so weird when it comes to these scary movies.  I ran up to Liams bedroom then I thought 'they will find me there'  I ran into Nialls bedroom and squished under his bed.  I am very small for being 17.  "ELECTRA" Liam called.  Niall came in the room and looked under the bed.  "Hi" he said.  "Wanna hide from them and get them to think someone took us???" I said evilly, he nodded.  I pushed him into his walk in closet and shut it quietly.  I kissed him on the cheek.  We hid in the corner behind the coats.  Liam walked in the closet and we jumped out. "AHHHHHHHHH"  Liam screamed and we fell on top of each other.  Me and Niall walked in to the living room smirking.  El was smirking at me and Niall.  It was noon and I walked into the kitchen.  I made ham and cheese for everyone I made alot (mostly for Niall)  hahahah.  I walk in and hand the plates out.  I sit down hearing thank you's, I just nod.  I fall asleep and wake up  with only Niall in the room.  Holding my hand. "You okay?" he said worried "Yeah fine why?" I said "you were crying in your sleep"  I nod and kiss him on the cheek "Where is Liam?"  "Kitchen"  I walk in to see him on his phone, on twitter.  I walk up to where he is sitting at (the table) and kiss him on the cheek.  He smiles.  "By the way, I don't have a twitter" I say.  He nods and Lou comes into the kitchen.  He grabs two banana's and walks into his room.  "Babe?" Liam asked.  "Yessssssssssssss?!" I say.  "I am going food shoppinggggg"  He said mocking me.  I nod and Harry comes in the room.  He takes my hand as Liam walks out the door.  We walk into the living room and sit down.  


Me, Niall, and Harry are just watching tv and I start shivering and it starts snowing outside Harry gets me a blanket and I cuddle in between them.  "I have something for you!" Niall exclaims.  He walks out with a pink and purple onesie.  I stare at him in shock. "Niallllll!!!!" I shout. I hug him so tight!!!   I walk into the bathroom and think 'wait how am I gonna do this'?  "Niall I need help!" He walks in and helps me change.  It wasnt awkward but I hate having a cast.  I look in the mirror admiring it and I walk out to see Harry in his white onesie.  I smile at him.  Niall walks out and Harry lets go of my waist.  Niall carries me down the stairs and Harry carries my crutches.  I sit on the couch and snuggle with Harry and Niall I pull up the covers as I take Niall's phone off his lap.  I play games and Niall says "I have to use the bathroom"  I nod and then I hear puking.  Harry carries me up the stairs and I open the door I rub Niall's back.  I flush the toilet and get some toilet paper and he wipes his mouth.  "I like your american onesie" I say.  I sit up against the wall and he leans on me.  "Do you have to throw up again?"  He shakes his head no.  I get up and Harry carries me and I throw my crutches down the stairs.  I walk into the kitchen with Niall.  "What did you eat?" I say "The sushi in the fridge." he whispers.  I throw it out just in case.  I rub his stomach and open the medicine cabinet.  I give him this stomach medicine and he drinks it.  Liam comes in the door.  "Niall threw up."  I say.  He nods and looks at Niall.  The snow stopped and the sun was setting.  I started making dinner.  I made hotdogs and hamburgers.  I open the tin can of soup.  I cut myself.  "Shoot"  I get a bandaid and put the soup in the microwave.  BEEP! BEEP!  I took the soup out and gave Niall a spoon and gave everybody else food.  I sat down and played truth or dare with the boys.  "Lou truth or dare"  Zayn says.  "DARE" he says "I dare you to.....  do thirty sit ups while talking non-stop about carrots." Lou did his dare.  The game kept going on until 9.  Niall rushes to the bathroom carrying me up the stairs.  He starts puking and I rub his stomach.  I put my head on his back and we walk into his bedroom.  I shout down the stairs "I'm sleeping with Niall cause you know, hes sick" I say.  Lou giggled.  Liam nodded.  I'm so glad he can trust me with other guys.  I walk into Niall's room and brushing my teeth I finish and climb into his bed.  "If you feel like you are gonna throw up you wake me up,  hear that?" I say "Yup"  He says.  I kiss him on the cheek and Liam walks and closes the door.  


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