Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


3. Hanging out



"Hey Liam, I am really sorry about your break up with Danielle." I say. "Its okay I have my eye one somebody right now"  he says.  "Who's that??" I say nervously as I sit on the couch with him.  "You" I freeze, wait what meeee?  I smile and its sunny.  He gets a huge towel cause you know, we got rained on and wraps it around us.  "Babe, you can get a shower." he says, sounding like he wants me to.  "Okay but I dont have any clothes" I say.  "Since we are gonna be in public you can wear those clothes then we can pick up the other clothes." Liam says. I nod.  I walk with Liam to the bathroom.  He closes the door for me and leaves me to my privacy.  Showing me where the towels are.  I change out of my clothes and I walk into the shower.  




Ummmmmm, how am I gonna ask her out?  





I am a girl with brown hair and green eyes.


I'm just cuddling with Harry hhahah he's so flirty.  We are now dating.




I walk out and see Liams not in the living room,  someone grabs my waist and I yelp. I turn around and see Liam.  He brings me into his room.  "Will you go out with me and go on tour with me?" he says.  "Yessssss" I say.  We get in my car and he comes with me.  When we got to my house I brought Leeyum in and said to my mom "Mom this is Liam from One Direction and he asked me to go on tour" "Of course you have to have fun while your young." she said.  I went to my bedroom and packed. Liam brought them the suitcases to my car. I said bye to my mom and dad and drove away.  We drive to Liam's house which he shares with the boys. It was 8 pm and we watched a movie.  I leaned in and kissed him on the lips for the first time. It was magical. We had to share a room because there were only 5 rooms.  We ate dinner which was spaghetti. It was awesome but me and Liam were tired. We drifted off to sleep.


Shoot forgot to change!  I kissed Liam and he woke up.  "Breakfast" I whispered.  He moaned.  I got up and Liam pulled me back down.  I got up and changed into an orange dress and my hair in a bun.  It was sunny out.  I pulled Liam up and kissed him.  He was in pajama pants and I turned around and he changed. "Done" he said. I nod.  



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