Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


13. days later...

Electra's P.O.V.


It's my birthday!  I wake up by a bunch of faces surrounding me,  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"  Everyone screams.  "We are going out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it's our birthday tradition." Liam said happily.  Everyone got out so I could get changed, and so could they.  I had the bathroom and bedroom to myself, since girls need more space to get ready, you know?  I walk in the closet and scan for the perfect birthday outfit, I'm finally 19, this is special!  Liam says and I just nod thinking he can see me.  My eye catches it, my mom gave it to me last year for my birthday.  It's a yellow lace short sleeve dress with a caramel braided belt thats connected.  I take off my zebra pajamas and put on the dress.  Luckily, I haven't gained any weight, or lost any,  I am pretty confident with my weight.  I grabbed my hair curler from the drawer and grabbed my neon pink makeup bag.  I decided to curl my hair, also I decided to go more natural but still put on mascara, and eye liner.  I went through all my shoes and decided on my caramel toms.  "Perrie, Eleanor!" I shouted.  I waited several minutes and no response.  I texted them, and they came in me and Liam's room.  "Is this too dressy, does it look okay?  How does my makeup look, how about my hair?"  I threw them questions.  "Relax you look fine, and your dress looks casual, but not too casual, perfect."  Eleanor answered and Perrie nodded.  Perrie was wearing a black mid sleeve top and a blue long skirt with her hair straightened and in a ponytail.  Eleanor was wearing a denim dress with buttons at the top with her hair in a sock bun. 

I grabbed my cardigan as we all got pushed into different cars. I was in a car with Josh, Perrie, and Eleanor.  We went to this cafe for breakfast.  The waiter came and we ordered our drinks.  I ordered orange juice. The drinks came out and nobody really knew about this place because it was on a nice back road, so it wasn't crowded.  My banana and chocolate chip pancakes came out.


"This bakery is really good your going to love it," I told Josh, who was driving.  I was the passenger seat, and Perrie and El were in the back.  I told him to turn.  Finally I haven't been here and years my parents used to bring me here when I was younger. I ordered a hot ham and cheese sandwich and chicken noodle soup, and cherry limeade. Yummy!


We went to a nice little restaurant, I ordered a salad and a sprite. Now, I'm full.


We got home from dinner and it was six o'clock, it was early.  "Babe we have a surprise for you" Leeyum said and blindfolded me.  We were driving and I was getting anxious.  Liam took off my blindfold and all of my friends and my parents were waiting for me in the parking lot of LASER TAGGING!  I love laser tagging!  My jaw dropped as I ran to all my friends and we went inside.  They put on my vest and gave me the thing you hold.   I hid behind the walls and  shot people but they didn't know who did it.  I was on a roll and having fun. I only got shot twice in the whole game. Right now we are going to a place where you can host parties.  Everybody met my mom and dad and my mom and dad loved Liam!  It was so much fun!

When we got home I opened presents.  Pretty much clothes and makeup from my other friends and mom and dad. Liam got me an gold infinity necklace, and a beautiful diamond ring. " Liam babe! Omg! Thank you!"  Louis got me  Michael Korrs Purse. "Lou, thank you so much!"  Niall got me a bracelet engraved 'Niall <3'.  "Niall! That's beautiful, thanks so much!  Harry got me three new onesies.  A cat one, a 1D, and a pink one that says 'Electra' with with grey hearts around it.  "Harry you cheeky boy! But thank you!" Zayn got me two beanies, one thats says 'ONE DIRECTION' and one that says, 'ZAYN' and a ring with my birthstone, Topaz. "Zayn, I love these! Your the best!" Josh got me a macbook laptop, and $150. "I didn't really know what to get you.." Josh started.  "No its perfect thank you!" Eleanor gave me a $200 gift card for Nando's and two beautiful dresses, a pale green flowy one, and a red knee length tight dress with blue stripes. "El thank you! And Niall, it looks like we are going on a date" Niall's face lit up when he heard he was going to Nando's.  Perrie gave me a $400 gift card for Urban Outfitters, her fave.  "And from all of us" They said all together.  Niall brought out a beagle in his arms. "OMG!"  "Her name is Butterscotch, we got her from the shelter" Niall said.

I ran to butterscotch and took her from Niall. "Thank you!" I screamed.  Butterscotch hid her head in my chest.  Heres the food bowl and toys and a collar and a leash and a brush. Here is some dog food and just fill her bowl up everyday.  I let go of Butterscotch and put down her food and water bowl in the kitchen.  I poured her food and water.  I put her toys by her food and the leashes and stuff in the closet in the living room.  It was 9 and we decided to go to bed.  I put on brown pajamas with pink polka dots on the pants.  I put my hair and a pony tails and dozed off to sleep.


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