Electra was normal until when she was 10 years old. When she was 10 she turned into Mother Nature. When she is cold it snows. When she is mad it storms. When she is sad it rains. When she is happy the sun comes out. Will she have to spill that secret she has never told anybody?


10. Camping



I woke up to see Lou jumping on the bed. "Yes"  Electra mumbled from her pillow.  "WAKE UP GET DOWN STAIRS"  We got up and kissed and walked down the stairs.  "Hello" Niall said.  I waved and Electra said "Hi".  "Okay so we decided to go camping like we always do on November 5th"  Harry said.  "I have never been camping before" Electra said. "Wait, isn't it supposed to be cold?" She said again.  "Thats what makes it fun!!!!" El exclaimed.  I nodded.  "So we are going to tomorrow since today is the 4th." Zayn said.  I ran up to my room to start packing and minutes later Electra came in.   She grabbed a suitcase and her clothes and put them in.  She packed tooth paste, a tooth brush, and a hair brush. I finished packing and sat at the computer on facebook and twitter.  Facebook: 60 friend requests.  Electra, accept.  Fans,  decline.  I don't let fans stalk my stuff it is dangerous.  I layed down on the couch and took a nap. 3 hours later I woke up.  "Where is Electra?" I asked Lou.  "She went out with Eleanor."  Lou said while looking at his phone. I nodded. 






I walk into Starbucks with Electra and get my coffee.  We sit at a table.  "Electra I'm pregnant but I don't know how to tell Louis" I sighed.  "El I know Lou, he always wanted a kid and he will love him or her no matter what."  Electra said.  It is true.  I nodded.  "Me and Liam are awesome, after camping we are going to see his parents."  Electra said.  "Awesome!!!" I exclaimed.  "Wanna go ice skating?"  She said.  "DUH!" I said.  We ran back to the house and got on scarfs and stuff.  I drove my car to the ice skating rink.  Me and Electra slammed the car doors shut and walked in.  We walked up to rent ice skates.  I carefully walked on the ice and Electra walking after me.  We skated around and we were naturals!  These nice girls skated up and smiled at us.  "Omg! Eleanor!  ELectra!  You are such an inspiration to us"  The two girls said at the same time.  "Can we have your auto graph?" The one asked.  "Sure" We both said as they handed us  pen and a piece of paper.  We signed and they thanked us and walked away fan girling.  "WOw!"  Electra exclaimed.  After an hour of skating we got in the car.  We arrived home to see Zayn sitting on the couch.  "We are going out to dinner somewhere fancy"  he said.  We ran up stairs giggling.  Liam and Lou were no where to be found.  We went in our closets and met in the hall.  I had a pale green long dress with pale green petals on the one strap of the dress.  She had a pale orange dress with no straps and sparkles on the top and bottom.  "Gorgeous!!" We both squealed.  We changed into our dresses and curled our hair.  We got heals that matched our dresses and we looked fabulous!  We walked down stairs to see the boys in tuxes and every one was there except for Lou and Liam.  Their jaws dropped. And Niall's eyes were stuck on Electra. Electra was blushing and smiling.  She walked closer and he was blushing now. "Hi you look so handsome!"  Electra said and kissed his cheek."Hi thanks" He mumbled.  Lou and Liam came down the stairs as we turned around.  Me and Electra went up and kissed our boyfriends.  Liam put his hand on Electra's back.  She flinched.  We got in the car and soon arrived at this fancy place.  "Hi name is Stephanie I will taking care of you."  The waitress said.  "Can I start you off with drinks?" She asked.  "Coke" I said.  "Coke" Electra said.  "Sprite" Zayn said. "Orange soda" Harry said.  "Orange soda please" Liam said.  "Sprite" Lou said.  "Coke"  Niall said.  "Okay I will be back with those" She said walking away.  She came back with them and after we ordered the food I told them: "  Guys I have to tell you something not even Lou knows about only Electra." I started "I am........pregnant"  I said nervously.  "BABE THATS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!" Lou exclaimed.  He hugged me really tight and kissed me.  He held onto my stomach.  We ate and went home.







When we went home I changed into a black long sleeve shirt and light pink silk pajama pants.  Liam came in shirtless with grey sweat pants on.  "Hey beautiful"  He said.  "Hi handsome" I said.  I layed down in bed and he layed down next to me.  "I love you" Liam said. "I love you too Mr. Payne" I said. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up to Niall politely tapping my shoulder.  Unlike Lou waking us up.  "Hi Niall"  I said "Hi wake up um we are leaving in like 2 hours."  Niall said and walked out.  I woke Liam up and I got in the shower.  I washed my hair and body and OH NO I FORGOT CLOTHES!  Okay I'll just walk out in a towel.    I peeked my head through the door, no one.  I got my clothes and when I turned around Harry was in the doorway blushing.  " we are leaving soon."  Harry said. I nodded and darted to the bathroom.  I closed the door and took a deep breath.  I changed into a purple long sleeve shirt and jeans.  I put my hair in a bun and brushed my teeth.  I walked to the kitchen and saw Harry blush when I walked in.  I blushed too.  I walked over and got waffles.   I sat next to El and Liam.   "Ok so after breakfast we are leaving." Zayn said. "K" I said.  I took a bite of my waffle.  I put my plate in the sink after I finished.  We piled into the car.  After 3 hours of driving we arrived.  We have a bathroom and thats all.  It was really pretty.  It had a water fall and trees and fresh green grass.  It had a tiny lake filling up from the waterfall.  We set up the tents after them falling 7 times.  We set up folding chairs and sat in a circle.  We got out the cooler  and walked around looking for berries, only where the people who run this place told us to.  We picked some berries and sat back down.  We ate our sandwiches and berries quietly.  "LETS PLAY WOULD YOU RATHER!!!!!"  Lou screamed.  "Yeah!" We exclaimed.  "Harry would you rather lick my foot or your?" Lou said.  "Mine" Harry said. "Ewwww"  Me and El squealed.  "Pause the game!!!!!" I exclaimed as my phone rang.   "Hello" I said "Hi Electra!!!  How are you?" My mom said.   "Good, well we are camping so I have to go" "Okay bye love you" "Bye love you" I said as I hung up.  I sat down and we continued.   "Zayn would you rather date Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?" Harry said.  "Katy Perry" Zayn said.  "Niall would you rather live in a house or a mansion be honest."  Zayn asked.  "House I don't wanna be rich rich just like a normal person" Niall explained.  "Lou would you rather be a vampire or were wolf?" Niall asked. "Were wolf!!" Lou exclaimed.  "El would you want to have a boy baby or a girl baby?"  Lou asked. "Both" El said "El you have to pick one" Lou said "Girl"  El said.  "Liam would you rather kiss Dani and then move on or just move on and marry Electra?"  El asked.  "Marry Electra" Liam said smiling at me.  "Electra would you rather have a pet dog or cat?" Liam asked. "Dog, I love dogs!!!!!!"  I exclaimed.  After that game it was dinner.  We found sticks and put hot dogs on them.  We lit the fire pit and put our sticks forward.  I looked at Niall to see how was enjoying it I love to see my best friends happy.  He was sitting putting his stick forward and smiling, the glow of the red and orange fire settling on his face.   I looked at Liam and he was smiling at me.  Our hot dogs were done and we blew on them for a while.  I took a bite of mine.   We finished eating and Niall brought out his guitar.  "Pleaseeeee" I begged as I walked over to him.  He handed me his guitar and I played.  I looked up and everybodys jaws dropped. "How was I?"  I asked "Howwwwww did you learn to play like that?" Niall mumbled.  "School I had to play something."  I said simply.  Niall came and picked me up.  "Give me my guitar please"  He said trying to act jealous.  "Only if I can get a hug"  I pouted.  "Fine" "YAY!!!!"  I hugged him and he hugged back.  I gave him his guitar as he started to play.  I started getting sleepy as we just talked.  "Lets play the ABC game!" I exclaimed.  "Apple" "Bathroom"  "Cooler" " Dog" " Elephant" "Fries"  "Gigantic Gorillas"  "Hotdogs" "Igloo" "Jeans" "Kangaroos"  "Lollipops"  "Mangos"  "Neptune" "Octopus" "Place"  "Quiet" "Rockstar"  "Soda" "Toads" "Unicycle" "V-necks" "Whales" "X-ray" "Yellow" "Zebras"  Then the game ended.  We got some sticks and roasted marshmallows.  We ate a couple and walked to the tents.  There were two HUGE tents and Me,Liam, and Niall share one and the other one is Harry, Zayn, El, and Lou.  I crawled into the tent and changed into my pajamas then the boys came in.  I snuggled my face in the sleeping bag as they got changed. "Done" They said. I looked up Niall was in a irish flag t-shirt and grey sweat pants and Liam was in a plain black t-shirt and blue sweat pants.  I layed in the middle of them.  Then I woke up to a sound outside. I woke up Liam and Niall, Liam slowly opened the door as Lou and the others jumped on us. I screamed, Niall screamed and Liam looked like he was going to have a heart attack.  "Go to sleep Lou"  They walked out laughing.  I then fell asleep.


I walked out and they were eating granola. After we ate,  we explored.  WE saw green trees and saw fish in the river/lake thing.  We saw minnows, frogs,  catfish, and sunny's.    In the woods there was lots of birds.  They were interesting looking.  We saw lots of beautiful flowers and squirrels and chipmunks.  We spent all day exploring.  We had some berries but not a full lunch.  We went back to our camp site and played tag.  I was it.  Niall was running after me and he was right behind me I forced myself to run faster.  He got me and I was it.  I ran and tagged Zayn.  Zayn was running after everybody but then he reached Liam.  The game ended.    We ate baked potatoes I got the cooler and got some water.  We ate some marshmallows and I remember falling asleep to the sound of the boys singing and Niall playing guitar.

I woke up in the tent, hmm.. I guess Liam carried me.  Niall was still sleeping in the tent.  "Food" I whispered.  He darted out the tent door.  I chuckled. I got changed into a red long sleeve shirt and blue legging with red bows on the bottom.  I brushed my hair and teeth.  I walked out and saw fruit salad. YUM!  I got some and ate.  "I say we go swimming later today!" I exclaimed.  The boys and me and El rushed to the tents to get changed.  I went to the bathroom instead of waiting.  I changed into a bikini and wrapped a towel around me I put on my sun glasses.  I walked out and waited for the boys I sat at the edge of the water with Niall and El, minutes later the other boys came.  We all jumped in except for Zayn. "Zayn it is not that deep, please come in, for me." I said while sticking out my bottom lip.  "Fine" He walked in slowly and I held on to his arm. "See it isn't that deep" I said. I took off my sun glasses and went under.  I saw Liam under and he was looking at a fish swimming right in front of him. We kissed and went back up for air.  We continued swimming for the whole day then we layed on our towels on the grass. And looked at the clouds.  "Look its an elephant!" Harry exclaimed. "Look its Kevin eating a carrot!" Lou exclaimed.  We lay there for a hour looking at the clouds then we go back to the camp.  We had salad for dinner.  After dinner we got changed and went hiking before it got dark.  We walked up the mountain.  Before we knew it we were at the bottom and it was dark.  We walked back to our tents and drifted off to sleep.  The next morning we back up our stuff and left.  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR CAMP!!!


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