From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


6. You can sing?

Chapter 6: You Can Sing?

(Next morning)

Macey's POV:

As I woke up the bed felt very roomy and larger than usual. I looked around and realized I wasn't in my room I started to panic I quickly got up and looked around and remembered I was at Harry's.

I then walked to the bathroom making sure I didn't look like a disaster. I cleaned my mascara off and fixed my hair and walked out of the room. As I walked toward the kitchen hoping Harry was there I heard someone singing. Was it Harry? I walked in. The kitchen and found Harry singing and making breakfast. He never told me he could sing I waited a couple more minutes waiting to see if he would notice me. He didn't. I than leaned against the counter and said "So styles when were you planning on telling me you could sing?" He froze.

Harry's POV:

When I heard "so styles when were you planning on telling me you could sing?" I got so embarrassed I just froze. "Uh hi Macey" was all I could get out. I then turned around watching her lean against the counter and raising an eye brow at me. "We're you even planning on telling me?" She asked "of course I was I was just afraid of how you would react. Everyone usually just laughed at me and says I will never get anywhere by singing."

Macey's POV:

"Harry you are amazing." I started walking toward him as I got to him he started to blush. Don't blush I already know you can sing I haven't laughed have I? You are an amazing singer. I said while pecking his cheek.

We got our breakfast and were sitting on the couch watching something on the tele. I sat between his legs laying against his chest. It was a nice quite few minutes until we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Harry's POV:

We laid quietly until I heard a knock at the door then I remembered I told my friend Liam he could come over today. "Come on in!" I yelled not moving off the couch.

Liam's POV:

As I walked in the door I imagined Harry would be watching the tele since that's what he does every morning. But when I walked in there was a girl? I looked at him very puzzled. "Who is this?" I asked. "We'll do you Remember the girl I was telling you about? Well this is her, her name is Macey."

Macey's POV:

Awe he talked about me. It was a little odd I was just sitting there as they were talking about me. "You know I can hear you?" I decided to add to see if they would notice. Harry's friend did. "Sorry I was just curious who you were, I'm Liam by the way." He had such a Cute accent and was very attractive. "Nice to meet you Liam" I let out a chuckle as I spoke. Harry eventually got up and left me on the couch to watch the tele. After about twenty minutes I fell asleep on the couch.
I woke to the sound of the front door closing.

As Harry came over I pretended I was still asleep he came over to kiss me on the cheek but I quickly turns my head so I could kiss his light pink soft lips. I then put my hand upon his cheeks to signal I didn't want it to end we both chuckled a little while still kissing. The kiss became deeper and deeper more passionate. It was just amazing but we both quickly jumped back as the door swung open. We looked over and saw it was Liam. "Sorry for interrupting I forgot my phone I will quickly grab that and let you two finish" We all laughed at his comment and after the door shut I waited a few seconds and then said I should get going. I didnt want to leave but I knew I had to sooner or later. "Come on ill take you to the front desk." He offered as I grabbed my stuff and we walked out.

Harry's POV:

As we walked to the lobby I looked Over and noticed she was still in my clothes she looked good in then I had to admit. Well she looked good in anything since she was my girlfriend. We got to the front desk and asked for the key. We headed upstairs and we got to her door and tight before I turned to walk off she motioned me to come towards her I listened and went towards her. She grabbed my collar of my shirt and slammed her lips onto mine. It was a quick and fast kiss. "What was that for?" I smiled. "We needed to finish what we started." She said and shut the door slowly. I stood there with a grin on my face and then slowly walked off.


(One month later)

Me and Harry are still going strong. I have met most of his friends like Louis,Liam,Zayn,and Niall they are all nice guys. And I have made a few friends as well I am friends with Liam Louis and Zayns girlfriends Danielle,Eleanor, and Perrie they are very nice girls we have hung out and went shopping together a few times. And I've spent the night at Harry's a few more times and he has slept at my flat a couple of times also. He was coming over later so I decided I should probably clean up.

It was around noon and Harry is coming at 3 and I didn't want to wait my longer I decided I wanted to text Harry.

To: Babe <3


From: Babe <3

Yes love?

To: Babe <3

Do you think you might want to come over sooner?

From: Babe <3

Of course! When do you want me to come over?

To: Babe <3

How about now.
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