From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


7. The move

Chapter 7: The Move

Harry's POV:

As I read the text that she wanted me to come over now I could feel a grin appear on my face.

I arrived at Macey's and as I walked in the door she ran to me and jumped into my arms. We haven't seen each other really this week because of Macey's work schedule she works as a waiter at Nando's and she has been working a late schedule for the past week. And she doesn't really like working late because we can't see each other. Well I don't really like it either.

We talked for about and hour and she was telling me that she sees Niall almost everyday. Which makes sense because that's the only food place he will eat at and loves it even more because Macey works there.

(Three Days Later)

Macey's Boss POV:

"Macey this is the fourth day in a row you have been late to work!" I shouted in anger. "I know, I promise it won't happen again!" She spoke in a soft tone."No, no more chances your fired!" I yelled as I pointed at the door and motioned her to leave.

Macey's POV:

"Oh great I just got fired. How am I going to pay for my flat now?" I questioned myself. "I was only late because I got a new morning shift I completely forgot that it started this week." I walked home in shame and I just wanted to cry and curl up into a ball and I wanted Harry.

Harry's POV:

Me and the boys were all hanging out at my flat we were all laughing and having a good time when suddenly I heard a knock at my door. As I walked over to the door I wondered who it could be? Macey was at work. All the boys are already here. Eleanor,Danielle, and Perrie are all out shopping. Who could it be?

I got to the door and opened it. There stood Macey tears pouring down her face. My heart sank. I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her until she calmed down. Once she calmed down I let her loose and asked her what was wrong. "Harry, I got fired." She spoke. "Aww love, it will be okay" I said as I pulled her into my chest. "Harry how am I going to pay my rent? How am I going to pay for my groceries?" She kept throwing questions at me but I stopped her by pressing my lips onto hers to calm her down and let her know its going to be okay. "Macey take a breathe, You can live with me and you can get a small little side job."

Macey's POV:

I can live with him? He will actually let me live with him? "Harry I can't let you do that it's to much." I told him. "Trust me it won't be to much I would love it if you would live with me." He told me.

(Three days later)

Harry's POV:

"Here is a key to the flat incase you might need it." I said as I was talking to Macey. "Thank you Mr.Styles." I said as I let out a giggle. "What should we do to celebrate?" I asked. "Not sure what do you want to do?" "We'll we could call the boys up if you want too?" "Sounds good go call them now!"

"I called the boys are they will be over in an hour." We talked for about thirty minutes an than ran out of things to talk about. Then I said now let's just relax until the lads show up. "Do we have to relax? Can't we do something a little more exciting?" She asked me. " what do you want to do?" I asked while walking slowly toward her. "This" she said

She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulling my face close to hers. I looked into her beautiful sparkling blue eyes. I lost my gaze as she smashed her lips onto mine and taking her hands off my shirts and putting them around my neck still kissing me. We made our way to the couch still kissing I laid on the couch pulling her on top of me her hands on my cheeks and mine around her waist. I wish this kiss would never end I thought. I could feel her smiling through the kiss. I never wanted it to end. I heard a knock at the door Didn't care who it was because this was the most amazing kiss I've ever had. But then I heard a second knock and then I remembered the boys were coming over but we hadn't been kissing that long I guess they are early, I thought to myself. And remembered if they knock a third time and I don't answer they will just walk inside not caring what is going on. I quickly pulled away and left Macey on the couch. "boys are here!" I yelled to her and her confused face changed to and understanding one.

I quickly ran to the door and on the way there I hear a third knock and then knew they were coming in. I got to the door and quickly swung the door open and yelled "hey lads! come on in."

Louis POV:

After I knocked a third time I knew he was busy and as I was reaching for the handle the door swung open startling us all. "Hey lads!" Harry yelled welcoming us inside. I walked inside "Hey Macey!" I yelled when I walked in. We all walked in going over towards the couch where Macey was and we all sat down around the little glass coffee table the was there. "So Harry what are we going to do tonight?" I questioned him. Right as Harry was about to open his mouth. Niall jumped in yelling "lets go to the club!" We all agreed except Macey she just sat there looking at Harry. I could tell she didn't really want to go. "Come on Macey it will be fun!" Zayn added cheerfully. "Yeah come on Macey it will be fun!" We all added "Fine I will go." We all cheered got ready and walked out the door.

Macey's POV:

When Niall mentioned going to a club I got a little nervous because I've never been to one but they all thought it would be a great idea so I decided to agree I would go. Me and Harry went into his room and got ready, And left.

As we were walking into the club I could hear the music blaring and It looked like a lot of fun so I was glad I said I would go. Eleanor and Danielle met us there Perrie Would've come but she was busy she said. So me and the girls hung out at the bar I didn't drink though cause I was under age but I was allowed into the club because I looked older than I was.

"Hey girls I will be right back I need to use the restroom." "We will be here!" Eleanor yelled at me. Everyone was already drunk except me and Harry. He said he is going to stay sober with me, because I couldn't drink yet. I knew Harry was watching me from across the club I could feel it. But that meant he cared for me and I was fine with it.
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