From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


8. the alley

Chapter 8: The Alley

As I was walking out of the bathroom , someone covered my mouth and quickly drug me out a door into and alley. I panicked and tried getting out of this persons grip but it just got tighter. I was slammed into a wall and He uncovered my mouth "what are you doing?!" I shouted at him. I could feel his hands going up my legs pulling my dress up. I tried slapping his hands away it was no use. I tried screaming again but he quickly covered my mouth. Where was Harry when I needed him!

Harry's POV:

I was watching Macey the entire time I wasn't with her so I was scared something bad was going to happen a she walked out of the bathroom I saw somebody grab her and drag her outside. My heart sank. I quickly got up and ran I ran while shoving everyone out of my way screaming and yelling I didn't know what was going to happen I got to the door and threw it open running outside.

Macey's POV:

I tried everything to get him off of me but it was no use he was so strong. I could fear through out my body and tears rolling down my cheeks. He was staring into my eyes knowing I felt fear full my body I tried to scream and get out of his hold again it was no use he was still way to strong. "HARRY!" I tried yelling but his hand was over my mouth. He pulled my dress up high enough to move my panties his pants already were slid down. Was he going to rape me? Was he going to try? He slid in. It hurt so bad it's never happened to me I cried even more than I already was stats when he heard the door swing open he quickly pulled out and ran away. It was Harry. "Harry!" I cried out.

Harry's POV:

I saw Macey and heard her cry my name out. I quickly sprinted over to her and grabbed her and held her right as she sobbed in my arms. "Macey I am so sorry." I said while I started crying as my tears fell on her head. I knew she didn't want to come I knew she was scared I shouldn't have taken her here its all my fault.
"Macey I am so sorry this is all my fault."

I don't even know what happened all I know is somebody too her out here. Who was it? What did they do to her? Why did I convince her to come? I'm so stupid I thought to myself. My thoughts were interrupted by Macey asking "Harry can we please leave?" "Of course we can."

I helped her up putting my arms around her waist as we walked out of the alley. We went to my car and hopped in. The whole car ride home was silent. As we arrived at my flat she still didn't say anything as we went upstairs I texted the Louis.

To: Louis

Me and Macey decided to head back to my flat sorry we left so soon! And please tell Eleanor and Danielle.

Macey's POV:

I knew Harry was worried about me but I didn't know how to tell him what happened. And how was I going to tell him it was Niall? Should I just not tell him? Should I say I didn't know how it was? I didn't know what to do.

Harry's POV:

"Harry?" I heard Macey say. I quickly turned to her "yes Macey?"
"Can I wear some of your sweats and a t shirt?" Macey normally doesn't ask why is she asking now I wondered. "Of course you can, my darling." She looks so cute I'm my clothes.

As she went into the bathroom to change into her clothes I grabbed some sweats and a black t shirt changed and waited for her on the couch.

Macey's POV:

I knew Harry was worried and I hated that. So I wanted to make him happy. Basically I brushed off everything the just happened and quietly opened the door amid the bath room and searched for Harry I saw him and sprinted toward him.

Harry's POV:

As she ran to me she jumped into my lap. She ran to me and say on my lap turned to me gave me the cutest smile and batted her eye lashes and said "hello Harry." It was literally the cutest thing ever! But I knew it was fake she only did it to make me happy.

"Hey Macey will you please tell me what happened. And don't leave anything out." She paused for a moment I knew she didn't want to tell me but she knew she had too. She looked down and her smile turned from a smile to a frown.

"Okay I had to use the restroom so I got up in went thinking nothing would happen then while I was walking out I got grabbed and he put his hands over my mouth and drug me out of the club. When we got outside he slammed me against the wall I tried kicking and screaming my way out of his hold. But it was no use he was to strong. I tried screaming your name and he said it was no use your boyfriend won't come." She said and paused for a moment. I felt so bad I had so many thoughts going through my head I didn't know what to say. Then she continued on "I was so scared. I was crying screaming and was kicking everywhere tried to get him to let go that's when I felt his hands go up my dress I then felt fear go through my entire body I knew what he was going to do. He then pulled my underwear down. And then he." I could see tears falling of her cheeks. And tears coming out my eyes slowly as she went on. "He slid in slowly" "and when the door swung open he quickly pulled out and ran."

Who was it I wondered was it someone she knew? Did I know them? "Macey do you mind telling me who it was?" "I will tell you but Harry please promise me that u won't do anything about it!" She yelled. I was now very curious to who is was "I promise Macey" she let out a big sigh and said "it was Niall." If I wouldn't have promised her I would have gone over to his flat and bash his fucking face in with a bat. Ugh I should've known. My body filled with anger I was about to get up drive to his place and smash his face in. But Macey was holding my wrists so I knew I couldn't. And I already promised I wouldn't.

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