From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


11. In the bedroom

Chapter 11: In the bedroom

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Harry's POV:

So me and Macey have been dating for almost four and a half months. And we haven't fought once, I just love her.

I walked out of my bedroom to the living room and saw Macey standing and looking at all the picture hanging on the walls. I went over to her wrapping my arms around her waist kissing her neck slowly.

Macey POV:

I stood there letting Harry kiss my neck I just stood there because it just felt amazing. I wanted to go on. I turned around while him kissing at my collarbone. He grabbed my hips still kissing my neck then he grabbed my hands dragging me to our room slowly. We walked in and he closed the door shut. I then was shoved against the wall as I wrapped my legs around him he started teasing me with his lips but I grabbed his head and slammed our lips together. He then threw me onto the bed and harry pulling himself on top of me. He then looked me in the eyes as I shook my head yes. He then pulled my shirt off and then his. I rolled over now on top of Harry. Harry was kissing the soft spots on my neck. Then he undid his pants and then slid mine off I was left in my underwear and bra lying there with Harry on top of me In his boxer. Harry then started moving lower and lower with his lips kissing me and he got lower and then he unclasped my bra throwing it onto the floor having me lay the I my underwear an as he got lowered I could feel my body twitch. Once he got to my underwear he slid them of slowly and then sliding his off. He then took two of his fingers sliding them in slowly moving them all around and then adding a third. He then pulled then out and started licking them slowly and hovered on top of me then sliding in. He slid in slowly. He then started moving faster.

Harry's POV:

She then started groaning and for me not to stop so I didn't. "Harry I can't hold it in much longer!" I kept thrusting in and out until I couldn't I then pulled out and didn't hold it in any more. We lied in bed naked the rest of night until we fell asleep.
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