From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


2. First day in London

Chapter 2: First Day In London

As I got into the cab and got all my luggage in and the driver spoke "where am I taking you miss?"
Dammit what's the address?! I thought I don't even know where I live that's so embarrassing! "Hold on a minute" I spoke I just moved here literally like thirty minutes ago and I need to look up my new address.
"Oh it's 5281 water street."
As we were heading to my flat all I could do was admire the city it was so beautiful and even more gorgeous because it was late at night. When we arrived I paid the driver and he spoke "welcome to London my darling." His accent was totally to die for it was so amazing It made me melt inside. "Thank you,have a nice night" I said as I was shutting the door.

As I was getting checked into my flat . I was still admiring the lights I could see out the door. I walked up to my flat it was small but cozy and cute. It will do I thought to myself. I walked inside putting all of my stuff away. And went straight to bed.


I woke up and went to go get breakfast but all I did was gaze upon an empty cupboard. Shit! I thought to myself I didn't buy food looks like I know what I am doing today! As I went to my room to grab some clothes I grabbed a blue lace type dress tights and my under garments and headed to the shower. I got out got dressed, blow dried my hair and added a little smear of mascara I didn't need much because I have long eye lashes anyway. To top it off I found some tan ankle buckle boots slipped them on grabbed my purse and was out the door.

As I got into a cab I said "nearest grocery center" please!
"Can do!" He hollered. Was it the same cab driver from yesterday? Could it be? I looked up from my purse and realized it was! He was a
Such a nice lad. I arrived at the store and went in and saw all this food which of course I wanted but you know I don't have that much money. So I walked the aisles and grabbed what I needed, payed and was leaving and realized I had more bags than I thought I did.

i arrived at my flat and was carrying them down the hall and then all of a sudden I get run into and my stuff goes everywhere! I thought to myself "what a dumbass probably hit and run what A jerk!"

As I was picking all of my stuff up I was about to grab the last item and the. All of a sudden I saw somebody else reach for it at the same time I look up slowly and he looks up and he has the most amazing curly hair I have ever seen I thought to myself. And his eyes were to die for! They were such a beautiful green I wanted to tell him but that would be awkward I would've kept going on about how I thought he was so beautiful then he spoke "I am so sorry, I wasn't looking. Let me help you with these." His accent was perfect! It just helped all so much more. As he helped me bring them into my flat I said "I never did catch your name." His reply was "I know you didn't because I never said it" then he smiled and said oh my gosh you have a dimple! That's so cute! He said "I hear that a lot." i then thought oh my god did I just say that aloud?! Dammit of course I did he heard me! He then said "by the way my name is Harry, Harry styles. "

As he was walking out the door He said "since you know my name what's yours?" "My name is Macey, Macey Gunderson" saying it how Harry said it. We both chuckled then he said "I best be going. Hopefully we can talk again?" "Of course we can" I replied with a grin on my face.

Harry's POV:

I wish I never would have left. She was so pretty she was just beautiful I thought. the way her blue eyes sparkled. the way she smiled the way she talked. She was just Gorgeous. Now how do I get her to know me better? What if she has a boyfriend? Well i am just going to have to find out myself.

Maceys POV:

Holy shit! He was so hot! I literally about just died because he was just so hot! His eyes sparkled. His curls looks amazing. His dimple. I just die for dimples they make me melt. And to top it off he was British! I thought to myself wait what if he has a girlfriend? Then I obviously can't be with him. Of course he has one he is a total hottie!

After seeing him talking to him and knowing his name I couldn't stop thinking about him I just wanted to wrap him up and call him mine. I am now really glad that most of the eggs are broken and he made me drop everything. My train of thought was broken when I heard a knock at the door. Who could it be?

Harry POV:

As I heard footsteps approach the door I wanted to run away and hide because it was probably going to end up very awkward. I was about to make a run for it when I heard "Oh hi Harry."I knew it was going to be awkward oh hi Harry is what I get. shocking, I know right I was here an hour ago. Then I began "Uh how do I say this? This is going to be a little weird." "Just spit it out styles!" She yelled. "We'll I was wondering if you were free tomorrow night maybe I could take you out to dinner? Well if you aren't busy" I was so nervous I was shaking and sweating I had my fingers crossed hoping she would say yes. "Of Course I'm free I just moved here yesterday night and its my first day here so I doubt I have any plans." I was filled with glee when she announced she can go to dinner with me. "Okay I will pick you up around Seven" I said and walked to my flat.

Maceys POV:

I shut the door as he walked off. Oh My God! Did he just ask me to dinner?! I am so excited! I am going to go to dinner with a mega hottie! Was this a dream I thought to myself? This isn't a dream this shit is real and I'm going on a date tomorrow!

Later that night I went into my room thinking where is he going to take me? Am I going somewhere expensive? Should I dress fancy? Or should I just dress simple? I will just look tomorrow since its 11pm already. Wait how is it that late already? How long have I been thinking about Harry? Well It doesn't matter I have a date with him tomorrow so no more daydreaming for me.
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