From The Moment I Met You

Macey Gunderson has had a tough life. After her mother passed away she decided to move to London to start a new life. She moved to London leaving everyone and everything behind. Once she moved to London he moved into a new flat and found somebody new did she find the love of her life? Read to find out!

(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS!) Starts Off A Little Slow. (Pg.13!)


1. A new life

Chapter 1: A new life

I sat in the empty lonely room waiting to find out what happened. I sat and was wondering to myself what happened? Did I do anything? Will she be okay? I Just sat and wondered until my train of thoughts were interrupted by hearing "excuse me Are you the daughter of Darcy Gunderson?" I looked up with fear filling my body the only thing I could think of was to say "yes" A million different thoughts ran through my mind. I'm sorry to say but your mother is gone." I froze I didn't now what to do. I looked at him in shock "I'm very sorry we tried everything we could do to save her but nothing worked." I finally was able to slip a few words out of my mouth "thanks for trying."

As I drove home I didn't do anything no music i took back roads no nothing. As I walked through my front I looked to where she had fallen and where I dropped everything and ran to her. After I felt a very cold breeze I realized I was still standing at my front door with it wide open.

I thought to myself I am nothing now. My mom just died and nobody knows why. My dad died three years ago in a car accident. And my brother died of brain cancer. And I'm the only one left now. So I went to my room and went to sleep hoping I would forget everything.


The next morning I woke up and laid there thinking about everything that happened yesterday. I still hadn't adjusted everything till now I now found myself bawling my eyes out because I have no family. I am a 17 year old girl living alone, And I just want to start a new life so I thought to myself. Where can I go to? My thoughts were interrupted when my phone buzzed I looked down to find out it was my best friend Alexis a smile formed on my face.

From: Alexis

Are you free this afternoon?

To: Alexis

Nothing planned. And I need to talk to you...

From: Alexis

I will be over in 20.

Alexis POV:

Why did she need to talk me I wondered. Why couldn't she just talk to her mom? She never says that to anyone. I started to get a little nervous but I got in my car a drove to we house worried the entire drive there.

Macey POV (Macey is main character) :

I sat there in silence until i heard a loud knock at the door. I got up and walked over and let Alexis in.

Alexis POV:

She looked horrible. Her wavy brunette hair hasn't been brushed. Mascara smeared down her cheeks. And in sweats and an old Tshirt. I've never seen her like this and I've been her best friend for seven years.
then i was able to say "what do you need to talk about?"

Macey POV:

She asked me what I needed to talk about? How was I going to tell her my mom is gone? Then I began "okay, I need you here because I need someone to talk too because my mom." Your mom is what? She asked. As I went on tears fell from my eyes. The last thing I said was "she is gone." That's when I felt arms around me and I looked up and saw I was in Alexis embrace I knew she would understand. She is one of the only people I can trust.

Alexis POV

I was so surprised about what she said. I felt so bad and then I thought what is she going to do now? I managed to slip the question "what are you going to do now? Are you going to continue living in California?

Macey POV:

She asked me "am I going to continue living in California?" I haven't really thought about it yet,But I am not staying here I said. She froze in silence. I then started again "you will be fine I'm not leaving any time soon I promise."


We hung out for a few more hours.
And then she went home and said if u find out where u are going to move to call me! I agreed to that.

Whenever I see Alexis I get put into a good mood. I wanted to stay that way so I decided I was going to go up and clean my room and turn on some tunes.

Alexis POV:

I was sitting and watching The tellie Thinking aout what macey feels like i feel so bad Then all of a sudden my train of thought was broken by hearing my cell go off I looked down and it was Macey. I answered and said "I'm moving to London." And that's all she said and the she hung up. Honestly I was happy for her she wants to start a new life be free of everything that happened in her past I think it's good for her. But in upset she will be so far away but she has had a very troubled life and she will start a new one and she will move on and start a new one.

Macey POV:

So I just called up Alexis and told her I'm moving to London I've always wanted to live there. I have always thought it was beautiful. And it looks like a great place to live.

( One month later)

I turned around and waved goodbye to everyone as they all stood and watched me board the plane. I went and found my seat and right before I could slip my headphones on the flight attendant announced "Please put your seat belts on the plane is about to take off. Next Stop London." As I put on my headphones a smile was formed o my face. I am going to London I'm actually going.

"excuse me miss the plane has landed you need to wake up."
I woke up and looked around nobody was there but and attendant saying the plane has landed I jumped up quickly and apologized. She said it was fine but I needed to get going so I quickly ran off the plane and towards the luggage pick up. I looked around and finally I found my luggage. I grabbed it and left the airport. I was starting my new life I thought to myself as I was leaving.
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