Whats Next

When Niall Horan has a dream about his dream girl, he turns to his friends for advice. When told to look for her, Niall goes on a search that will end in Louisville Kentucky, where at his concert, He finds her.


5. Whats Next?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.", Abby said. "Did you just ask me to go out with you, or am i dreaming?" " Abby, I am serious. You are that girl and ive been dreaming about you for a while. Will you go out with me?"

I dont know what came over me. I guess when you have dreams about somebody that you have never met and then you meet them, then you do something crazy. For example, you could ask them out after your concert, like i just did.

The questions is now, whats nesxt? Will she go out with me?, or did i just make a fool of myself?

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