Whats Next

When Niall Horan has a dream about his dream girl, he turns to his friends for advice. When told to look for her, Niall goes on a search that will end in Louisville Kentucky, where at his concert, He finds her.


2. What to Do

Me, and the rest of One Direction, have been on tour now for almost six months. It is June, the Summer of 2013.The lads and i are on our way to Louisville, Kentucky. 

"Man, Harry, I dont know what to do.", i said. "I just cant get over this girl." "Niall, if you want to talk about it, shoot. Tell me everything you remember from your dream.", he replied. "Alright. in my dream, her name was  Abby. She didnt wear make up, she was really kind, she was a fan, she played golf, she had blue eyes and blonde hair, and she was fourteen.", i said."Okay, then what makes that so unforgettable?", he asked. "I Dont know Harry. She was just... different." "Well then, why dont you look for her.", he suggested.

What does he mean look for her. Where do you look for somebody that was in your dream? I dont know where to start.

"Why dont you look for her at our shows?", Zayn chimed in. "That isnt too mental", I replied. "I guess, like, in between songs, i could ask for anybody named 'Abby' to come to the stage, and i could compare the girls to the one from my dream." "That is one of the stupidest ideas i have ever heard.", i heard Louis say. " Shut up, Louis.", i laughed.

I'm going to do this, I'm going to look for Abby.


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