Whats Next

When Niall Horan has a dream about his dream girl, he turns to his friends for advice. When told to look for her, Niall goes on a search that will end in Louisville Kentucky, where at his concert, He finds her.


1. The Dream

I woke up, with a strange feeling. "What the heck?" I guess i had a strange look on my face because Liam looked at me like I was nuts. "Whats wrong with you, Niall?", he asked. 

The truth is, i dont know. One second, I was dreaming about Nandos, but then, something changed. I started dreaming about a girl. "I think this tour is getting to your head." The sound of Liam's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Sorry man", I said. "I just keep having these dreams about this girl." "Niall, you don't think this girl is real do you?". Louis asked as he walked my way. "I dont know, Louis. But, if she is, i have to find her."

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