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When Niall Horan has a dream about his dream girl, he turns to his friends for advice. When told to look for her, Niall goes on a search that will end in Louisville Kentucky, where at his concert, He finds her.


4. Backstage

The show was over.  I joined Abby backstage. She had a questioning look on her face. I walked over to her. She asked, " Will you explain now?"

"Sure.", i answered. " I had a dream. There was a girl in my dream. She was beautiful, and everything i would look for in a girl. The thing is, YOU  are the girl from my dream." Abby's mouth dropped open. I guess that she couldnt believe that i just said that, and to be honest, i cant either. "What does that mean?', Abby asked."It means, will you go out with me?", i answered

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