Whats Next

When Niall Horan has a dream about his dream girl, he turns to his friends for advice. When told to look for her, Niall goes on a search that will end in Louisville Kentucky, where at his concert, He finds her.


3. At The Show

It was halfway through our show, in Louisville. I did it. I started my search. I asked for all girls named "Abby", that were fourteen to fifteen to come to the stage. 

Four girls came to the stage. Each of them shaking in their shoes. Two of the girls were brunettes with hazel eyes, i asked them to leave the stage. Then there was two. One of the girls was blonde with green eyes, i asked her to leave also. The last girl was Blonde with blue eyes. I introduced myself to her, then I started to ask her questions that i based off of my dreams. 

Question #1: Are you Fourteen?


Question #2: Do You wear make up?


Question #3: Do you play golf?



I looked at the lads. i was in utter shock. this was her. this was the girl from my dream. THIS was her.

I turned back to her. I whispered in her ear. "Will you join me backstage after the show?', i asked. She answered, "Yeah, i would love too, but what was all this about?", she answered. "I will explain backstage."


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