Jessy Searl is pretty normal , except for the fact she has a famous boyfriend that's in a band called One Direction, but when Jessy gets in a pretty extreme car accident, then wakes up in a different girls body , home ,and family. She doesn't know what to think. Will Jessy do everything to get back her boyfriend? Or be trapped with the new life nature has given her.


2. The Dream

I opened the white snow colored door and yelled "Buddie!" Buddie was my big German Shepard that I've had for about six years. He came prancing down the hall with his long tail waging high. He nearly knocked me down jumping on me. I smiled and gave him a soft pet. "Buddie!!! My best friend!" Yelled Louis. "Louis you have no life" I laughed. "Shut it Jess"
He said while petting Buddie. "Anyone up for Pitch Perfect i heard its already on pay per view." i said. The rest of the night we watched movies, played games, and baked chocolate chip cookies. "I think the cookies are almost ready" Harry whispers in my ear. We were all watching Sponge Bob and laying on the large sofa. Almost half asleep I responded. "Mhm" then my eyelids got heavier and I drifted off. "Wake up Jessy!" I heard a voice. "Mmm Harry?" I said. "Hey guess what I found a walrus!" He said. "Erm what?" I said puzzled. "Yea! And it has three eyes!" He said again. I looked around. "Yea thats great Harry but, are we at a park?" I said even more confused. "Hey honey" I heard another voice. "Mom!?" I half yelled. "Hello sweetie" she said. She was just like I remembered. Her blonde thin perfectly straight hair and sparkling blue eyes just like mine. She always had a sweet smile , with teeth and you could say it was like those commercials about tooth paste were the actor/ actress has perfect teeth. I cried in joy and jumped to hug her , but she evaporated. She turned into nothing like during a magic show when the assistant disappears , but this time my mom wasn't coming back. Like when I was twelve and she passed away in a car accident. I fell to the ground and started bawling. "Mom." I whispered. "Jessy!" Then I woke up. "Harry?" I said then he pulled me into a hug. My face was dry from the tears and I knew it was probably red. "I had a dream." I exclaimed. "I think I know that Jess are you ok? I tried to wake you up the first time but you wouldn't. It scared me. What on earth did you dream?" He said "It was about my mom and-" I was about to go on when I heard a weird noise. "What on bloody hell is that?" Harry said. I looked at the time two am. "It's in the kitchen." I said freaked out. Harry opend the cabinet to reveal a bat. (the kind of bat used for baseball) "Where did that even come from?!" I said. "Shh" Harry put a finger on his lips. We slowly tip toed to the wall behind the kitchen. "On three." he whispered. "One" I said "two" and he whisperd "three!" "Wait a minute is that munching." I said but was cut off by Harry bursting into the kitchen screaming "AHH! Wait.. Niall?" I walked in.
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