Jessy Searl is pretty normal , except for the fact she has a famous boyfriend that's in a band called One Direction, but when Jessy gets in a pretty extreme car accident, then wakes up in a different girls body , home ,and family. She doesn't know what to think. Will Jessy do everything to get back her boyfriend? Or be trapped with the new life nature has given her.


3. Something shocking

"What?" He said as he munched on a cookie. I studied him half of the cookies were gone and there were crumbs all over the table. "Niall why are you up so late. For gods sake it's two am!" I yelled. "I was hungry so I came in the kitchen for a late night snack." He mumbled. I rolled my eyes and lazily walked to my bed room, passing the rest of the boys on the floor. Surprisingly they didn't wake up. I got under my covers and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of sweet pancakes and loud talking and yelling. "The boys must be up" I mumbled to myself. I quickly changed from my clothes from yesterday to some Victoria Secret sweat pants and a large grey sweater. I put my hair in a messy braid and put on a grey beanie. I was about to walk down stairs when I heard "when are you gonna tell her Harold." I think it was Zayn's voice. "I don't know I'm just afraid Jess is going to find out." That was defiantly Harry's voice. "We'll she's bound to find out sometime lad." Lou's voice. Ok I couldn't take this anymore. I stomped down stairs and made it look like I didn't hear anything. "Hey boys" I yelled so they could hear me over their conversation. "Uhh hey Jessy! We were just talking about... Err.. Politics!" Liam said sounding panicked. Niall smacked Liam's shoulder. "Is everything ok?" I tried to put on a fake smile. "Yea just you know politics!" Louis tried to laugh but it turned into a worried laugh. "We'll I have to go to Max's today please watch Buddie while I'm gone." I say. Max's was a shoe store that sold Vans, converse, and Uggs. "I bring you some lunch babe." Harry said as he peaked my cheek. "Ok " I was about to walk out the door when I turned around and said "Harry who ever this girl is I want to hear about it when I get back." Then I slammed the door shut. I could see Harry's face for a second it looked like someone just smacked him in the face. I jumped in my Jeep and left to Max's. After about five hours I left to go back to my flat. "Oh wait I forgot my phone!" I turned around my Jeep and opened the doors to Max's. I didn't have to call my phone because I could already hear it beeping from Twitter and Instagram. I quickly found it behind the counter and grabbed it. Then suddenly I got even more beeps. What's with all the commotion on Twitter? I opened Twitter and dropped my phone. I couldn't believe it
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