Jessy Searl is pretty normal , except for the fact she has a famous boyfriend that's in a band called One Direction, but when Jessy gets in a pretty extreme car accident, then wakes up in a different girls body , home ,and family. She doesn't know what to think. Will Jessy do everything to get back her boyfriend? Or be trapped with the new life nature has given her.


1. 1:Reunited

I looked up to millions of screaming girls crowded around the airport everywhere. They all had glittery posters and One Direction shirts and hats , while I just sat here in my light blue skinny jeans and white tucked in tank top. I fiddled with my light blonde braid almost making my gray beanie fall off. A few girls got my picture and autograph. I never got use to that. I opened my coach purse revealing my white iPhone. I clicked the middle button looking for the time. Three o'clock already! I had been sitting here for about two hours waiting for my boyfriend, Harry. I hated waiting at the airport the chairs were always so uncomfortable and it didn't smell very nice. Then the screaming grew a million times louder , making the other screams before like nothing. I scanned the airport then my eyes got wide. I could barely see him. He was behinds security and hundreds of girls crowded them. Then suddenly I started to get insecure. Would if he doesn't like me anymore and my hair is all messy. I mean I haven't seen him for six months. We texted almost everyday if he wasn't busy. Sometimes called at night but that wasn't anything compared to talking to him when he was here. I saw his vibrant green eyes searching the airport when they finally laid upon me. Then I felt my mouth forming into a big smile along with his. I jumped up and pushed my way though the crowed when Paul stopped me. "Paul!" I yelled. "Oh sorry Jessy" he said as he let me through. I found my way to Harry and jumped into his strong arms. Oh how I missed this. After a little bit be finally let go and peaked me on the lips. I smiled big and held his hand and he led me through the airport. "Hey Jessy" Liam greeted. "Hi guys" I replied. "So how has the rest of the tour been?" "Great but I missed you so much" Harry said as he put his arm around me. "AW!" Louis said. I gave Harry a tight squeeze then smiled. "What about the sass master!" Louis yelled. I laughed and quickly hugged him. I looked over to see Niall eating Ramon noddles. "Where did you even get that there isn't even a microwave around here!" I said as we jumped in the van. He shrugged and continued eating. "So babe next week on Wednesday I was wondering if you wanted to visit my family. They would love to see you again." Harry said. "I would love to Harry " I said. Then he did his adorable cupcake smile.Then the van stopped at my house. "Do y'all wanna come over? And yes Niall I have food this time." Last time the boys came over I had just come back from a family trip with Harry and the food was gone because I hadn't gone shopping in a while and Niall threw a fit. Niall smiled. "I'm in then!" Niall said. We all got out and made our way towards my flat.
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