Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


4. Your in for a treat!

It meant so much to me, knowing that I have friends who care so much. I need to wake up, I'm trying so hard! I just wish they would realize how hard I'm trying. For them. It cant be me who ruins my best friends holidays. Its just unbearable, as a person and a friend. "Rachel" It was Chip. I just want them to forget about me and just let them enjoy their holidays. But, a part of me wants them, needs them and the part of me that needs them is way stronger than the other part. I'm going to be fine, I try to tell Chip, as I said earlier, my voice and feelings are invisible. Nobody can hear me, but I can hear them. "I cant believe I'm saying this but, I miss you. Your stupid jokes, your idiotic laugh. Your amazing voice, your.. I miss you so much. Its so quiet without you, It feels so empty without you. We need you to wake up...," Her voice trails off in sadness. I nearly drown in sorrow. I don't want them to mourn over me. "Okay I'm sorry but I'm going to have to change Rachel now." Tracy said. Tracy was so nice and friendly, she talks to me like I'm a normal person. Not like I'm a dying one. And I love her for that. I can feel her warm hands while she talks to me"Well its my birthday today and my boyfriend Kevin, doesn't know. Im so mad at him! So I'm not answering his calls or texts! And I don't know if I can go on any longer, I love him soooo much!" She tells me. Well tell him DUH! She begins to sing A Thousand Years by Christiana Perri. Her gentle voice is so amazing, I know she means everything she sings. About her boyfriend, of course.  She smells nice too, like roses. Unlike other nurses! As she washes me I think back, then I drift away into sleep. I wake up after an hour, It doesn't feel any different because I'm still stranded in darkness. And I cant help it, I wish people would understand how hard I'm trying to get out of here. I wish people would understand how much I ache for a glimpse of daylight, how much I ache to see my family. Every time I think about getting out of here, all I can picture is of bright lights making me dizzy. I remember my last summer, it was amazing. We went to do everything and anything. I remember watching the beautiful sunset, all those colors mixing perfectly. "Rachel,"


"I've got you something, something special...."


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