Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


9. Sweet Tweets

Rachel's P.O.V

Whats the date? I need to know the date. If they say I'll make it before the end of the month, I need to know the date so I can be prepared. I hate being unprepared, say for example something unexpected happens, everything that I've planned goes wrong. Like the time we went to see the boys at Eastfield Hotel and that flipping car came. Nothing went to plan. I was unprepared. Thats just one reason why I hate being unprepared, I could list a hell load, but thats not the case. I dont want to kill anyone with boredom. I hear footsteps approach, its deifnately a woman because she is wearing heels that bang against the floor eachtime they take a step.I think its my mum or Chip and Shiz. "Hey babes," Chip says, 'Hi' I mentally reply back to her. "So, since your going to be well bored here, I thought I should entertain you! Keep you company!" 'What are we going to do?' I wondered, I mean im in a state where you practically do nothing other than sit and dream all day long. "Well, I've decided to read out some tweets that your fans have said, also, the boys often tweet about you so I think you should have the right to hear them no matter what state your in"  I have fans? OMG! I never knew i was the famous 'coma' girl. So, she started off with the most recent ones, she and Shiz knows my twitter password and i know hers! Dont tell!!

"@RachelABrown Get well soon babe, I'd love to meet youu :)" was the first one Chip read out, "Awwww! Thats so sweet!" She commented, She continued,"#WakeupRachel you dont want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity do you? @RachelABrown WAKE UPP!"  I really dont want to miss out, I clearly am going to but the docs say.. what the hell? They are probably just lying to get hopes up, and then the bad news comes in and tears everyones hopes down. Like usual. For a couple of hours Chip continues to read out sweet tweets, I love every single one of them. They are so nice and supportive.But I really do hope I wake up....



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