Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


5. Surprise!


My heart nearly stopped. It was them. One Direction. My amazing dad got One Direction to visit me in hospital! I want to wake up so much now, I need to see One Direction so desperately. Im trying so hard. Thoughts of the boys rush through my mind, then a flashback. 


*At the Concert*

The crowd screamed on the top of their lungs as One direction entered the stage, I turned to see Chip and Shiz, either side of me.I smiled as we all joined in  with the crowd and screamed like never before.  The best moment of my entire life!


"Hello love," Louis said. AAAARRGGHHHH!!!!!!! I want to scream, I want to shout. I want to be angry for being so careless. But most of all, I want to leap out of my bed and hug my dad so much. "We've got some presents for you!" Niall said is his irish accent. OMG?! Presents?! I mean One Direction being in the same room as me is all I could ask for, but presents? I hear something being passed around, probably the present. I felt somebody take my hand as someone else sat next to me on my bed. I cant see but, I can immediately tell there flowers. Roses. Our house is filled with roses, so I can tell its a rose just by the beautiful smell of them. I can smell them, the strong scent filled the room with delight. "These roses are for you, So you can remember us." Harry said. OMG HARRY STYLES IS SITTING NEXT TO ME!!! Chip and Shiz would be sooo jealous when I tell them. After I wake up. If I wake up. "Also, you and your two best friends can get tour tickets and VIP backstage passes for all our concerts in Eastfield. AND, all of you get to come camping with us!."  


I must wake up. I am going to wake up.

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