Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


6. Newsflash


                               1D VISIT COMA GIRL.

WORLDS biggest boy band visit a fan who was left in

coma after an incident took place outside Eastfields Hotel

several weeks ago. Reports say that her father Andrew Brown,

privately booked One Direction to visit his daughter hoping 

she would wake up. After the visit heart-throb Zayn Malik

tweeted, "@RachelABrown Hoping you wake up. Lots 

love x #WakeUpRachel"  We were touched by the time and 

love One Direction had given her. However, doctors still stay

she is the same, stable, but her devastated mum stated, 

"We really did think she would wake up, I was heart-broken 

when she didn't....I was left gutted...." Also One Direction had

given her an AMAZING opportunity for her and her two best 

friends Chelsea and Sharline (or as she would call them 

Chip and Shiz) to go comping with the boy band. Niall had

picked out a beautiful set of roses and had given it to her. In

addition, she was offered VIP tickets to see One Direction perform

in ALL concerts in Eastfield. We had also managed to get a 

quote from her best friends, Chelsea and Sharline, "Ray is amazing, 

we know she's ganna wake up coz' of the strong person she is in the 

inside. We'll be there for her, everyday, by her side.... Till she wakes up"


Doctors state, "She is improving. Continuously." Do you think she's 

going to wake up? Or will this be an opportunity thrown in the bin?


By Johanna Reeds 



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