Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


2. Its ganna be GREAT!


Rachel's P.O.V

"YAAY!" I screamed.

"We are sooo going..." Chip said. I cant argue with her, as we are going! And nothing is going to stop us! I'm just so happy. In case you don't know, One Direction are coming next week. Yes! I know, crazy right? But its true!!! Me, Chip & Shiz, the three best friends of Eastfeilds College! I'm not trying to brag or anything but we are incredibly popular, I don't know why to be honest. I guess its just that we just do what we do (; 

"Hellooo?" Shiz said, whilst clicking her finger onto my nose. I flash back to reality.

"Okay, so they are at the arena at 4.50 pm, and leaving to Eastfields hotel at approxiamatley, 6pm? We'll say?  Heres the plan, So I get the tickets with my mums credit card and you'll pay me back, and we take a taxi to the arena, and we'll hopefully meet them with our backstage passes. Change our clothes so they don't recognize us. Then stalk them to the hotel. Lets see how good we can do."

"Yeah, and lets try stick together"Chip adds in. "And not get too carried away..." I say. "RACHEL" My mum screams down stairs. "YEAH?" "ITS 10 GO TO SLEEP!!!"

Oh by the way, Chip & Shiz are sleeping over because its holidays! I switch off the lights and tuck into bed.

*next morning* (5.55am)

"Beep Beep!" the alarm clock rang into my ear, ugh. So, anno- OMFG! TICKETS GO ON SALE!!! "Shiz!!! Chip!! Wake up!!!!!" I tug at them, they are both sleeping in their sleeping bags. "What??" Chip said. "Its 6! what could you possibly want at this time in the morning?" She groaned. "Umm.... I dunno... CONCERT TICKETS!" I yelled in her face, she immediately shot up and screamed! "Holy shit! Calm down you could wake up the whole neighborhood screaming like that!" I calmed her down. I mean I totally understand and everything, but me and my mum made a deal that if I behave for the rest of the summer holidays and not annoy her, she'll let me use her credit card whenever! I know, bribery! But it totally works! I grab my laptop, which was a gift from my dad for my 16th birthday, Im the only child so I pretty much get anything I want. But, I have to wait. My mum says I should wait because she doesn't want me being spoilt. Im a total daddy's girl. LOL! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I grab my laptop and impatiently wait to turn it on. Shiz and Chip sit either side of me on my bed. We bought our 3 tickets and swiped in mums credit card details, in a matter of seconds I officially had tickets to see 1D perform in a concerts & VIP backstage passes!! "AAAAAH!" I fan-girled.

*Concert day*

"Chip! Your meant to do my hair! you promised!"I told her, She was way to busy putting on her makeup she forgot about the deal we made. "Ugh, fine, I'll do it!" She grumped. You see I cant manage to straighten my own hair without getting burnt like a billion times. She started to do my hair and when it was finally done, i tied it up in a pony-tail. "What the hell?" She exclaimed, "What?!" I was confused, "When I straighten your hair your meant to let it out!" She told me. "Oh okay," I pulled my hair down and fixed it up in the mirror. I applied simple make-up and added my finishing touch, lipstick! We were ready 3 hours before the concert had started, so we were there in time. The security guard scanned our front row ticket and we went inside. My heart went thudding like crazy. Beating like a drum. Racing like mad. I nearly fainted. I was so happy, I was with my best friends on this occasion. "I cant wait!" Shiz said. "Me too!" Chip added. "Tell me about it," I cried. I looked at Chip, she looked as if she was crying, her bold brown eyes had gone all watery and redish pink. I saw a tear stream down her face as One Direction entered the stage. The crowd roared. "You okay babe?" I comforted her. She smiled back, I hugged her and Chip Shiz and I went screaming like a bunch of alcoholic lunatics. Don't get me wrong, we were here to have the time of our lives! And we certainly did! Since we had VIP backstage passes that other Directioners ached for, we got to meet them up-close and in person! Thank god I didn't faint or collapse or that would be dead embarrassing. Zayn approached me, 'HOLY SHIT' I mumbled under my breath. "Just be yourself." Shiz advised me. Okay, its ganna be fine Rachel, just be yourself I repeated it in my head. "Hey Zayn!" I said in a unexpected wobbly voice. "Wheres Chip?" I asked Shiz looking around the room, in the corner of my eye I see her talking and laughing with Liam and Niall. Wow she definitely has super powers. "Hey could you sign our t-shirts?" I asked. "Sure why not?!" he said in his sexy bradford accent. I melted. I felt his warm hands touch my waist as he signed it. He also signed Shiz's shirt. He turned away to speak to other fans and I turned to look at Shiz in the eyes. "Ah!" We giggled merrily. We went over to Niall, Liam and Chip and asked them to sign our shirts too, after we all had them signed we went hunting for Harry and Louis, we found them with these other slutty girls. They were wearing really short shorts they looked like thongs! And tiny crop tops that looked as if they've been shrunk. We approached Louis and Harry and asked them to sign our t-shirts.They did! We all gathered together for a picture  and sadly we had to leave. I hugged them and kissed them goodbye just like the other girls did. We hopped into the car and got out out 'exchange' clothes. I had packed my superman sweater and a pair of vans since my feet were killing me, and some shorts. Whereas Chip and Shiz had gone completely different outfits. Chip wore a blue dress and Shiz, well you wont believe me when I tell you this. But she wore her carrot costume that she wore for halloween. So superman, the giant walking-and-talking carrot and a normal girl got into the car and I drove to Eastfields Hotel. We got off the car and saw a massive crowd waiting outside. My jaws dropped, "Oh my God!" I turned and saw Shiz, "Wow, were not the only crazy stalkers" She laughed. 

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