Coma Girl <3

Rachel and her besties are massive directioners, they've been crazy about the 5 boys since X-factor. When she hears One Direction are coming to Eastfield Arena, she gets her tickets and goes. Maybe everything will go perfectly as she wished... Or not...


8. Improvements

Rachels P.O.V

I cannot believe it! One Direction have made a song about me!! AARRGGHHH!!! I can feel a wet tear drip down onto my cheek, I definitely wasn't crying, even though I wanted to, I definitely cannot. And Im not the only one who knows it.  Its Shiz. I think. I hear a delicate voice, float around the room, It was Tracey. She'd sing with her soft angelic voice and it would run into the atmosphere and bring it back to life. Everyone admired her. And every time I tried to picture her in my head, I'd picture an pale faced angel singing. But then the horror began from there, I'd imagined a devil would appear, with tomato red face and flames flickering out of its long pointy tail. It'd curse words and make the angel cry, and the night mares recurred night after night endlessly, continuously, making me cry in the inside, making me shiver every time i think about  it. And the devil, well I always picture it as me. Ruining people's day. Its what I do best, hurt people without realizing it.The singing stops and fades away and then I hear a heavy sigh "Ray, so I have even more good news," I want to have a nap, just to fast forward a bit. I do that alot, doze off. Only when boring things happen, like when dad reads the newspapers for me or when Tracey tells me about her boyfriend. But right now I really cant do that, because Shiz has good news for me. And boy, I love good news! "So," she continues, Tell me, tell me !!! I say to myself  She sobs some more, "Well, since your health is improving docs say you can probably make it before the end of the month!" She states happily. Happiness glistens inside me, I can feel my heart explode with happiness. I feel as if someone has just removed a giant wieght which'd been lying on my chest for ages and now, i feel so light....

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